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Shandong IGOLDEN CNC Technology Co., Ltd, is a comprehensive corporation integrating laser & CNC technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, sales and after-sales, intelligent medical furniture production, foreign trade import and export, park management services and e-commerce. The Group’s brands include IGOLDENCNC, IGOLDENLASER, ZIGUICNC, ZIGUILASER, INEWLASER, IGOLDENOF, etc., products cover many fields such as intelligent medical furniture, industrial laser machine, CNC router machine, panel furniture production line, solid wood furniture production line, plasma cutting equipment and supporting application equipment. Group now has more than 500 employees at domestic and abroad, has enjoyed more than 10 independent brands, and has built a sound sales channel and service network worldwide relying on e-commerce and digital marketing.

Metal tube/pipe Laser Cutting Machine

The tube laser cutting machine is a laser cutting machine specially designed for tube cutting. It can cut round tubes, square tubes, oval tubes, rectangular tubes and irregular tubes. It is equipped with a special cutting operating system, which is simple to operate, high precision and professional. Strong, suitable for professional profile cutting, widely used in sports equipment, petroleum pipelines, chemical equipment and other industries. It can cut carbon steel and stainless steel.


Flatbed Fiber Laser Cutting Machine iGR-F

The entry-level laser cutting machine, really cost-effective, open-type, single platform, simple structure, convenient installation, high precision, fast speed, simple operation, convenient maintenance, affordable equipment, low operating cost, it is a sheet metal processing enterprise customized product.

Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Metal tube laser cutting machine can be used to cut all kinds of metal shapes such as round tubes, square tubes, and special-shaped tubes. The newly upgraded metal pipe laser cutting machine production equipment not only achieves automatic production and processing, but also improves the limitations of traditional laser cutting, saving time and effort, reducing costs, faster and more accurate, and can achieve pipe punching and cutting。

The fiber laser pipe cutting machine is designed to be a comprehensive CNC laser tube cutting machine solution. With a wide range of features and capabilities, this tube cutting laser system is designed to allow users a great degree of tube forming flexibility.

3d tube laser cutting machine
The dual-worktable fiber laser cutting machine comes standard with a fast exchange platform, which is convenient for loading and unloading. The plate cutting and loading and unloading can be carried out at the same time. The processing efficiency is high, the operating cost is low, and the equipment is affordable.It is the first choice for processing and manufacturing enterprises.
carbon steel fiber laser cutting machine
Full-protection fiber laser cutting machine adopts a fully enclosed laser protective cover, is equipped with a special laser protective glass observation window, which is overall beautiful, safe and environmentally friendly; at the same time, it is equipped with a special exchange platform for fast exchange speed. It is a high-end special equipment for laser cutting of sheet metal, and it is the first choice for modern manufacturing enterprises.
high speed laser cutting machine


Auto-focus Laser Cutting Head

The laser head has a built-in motor drive unit, and the focusing lens is driven by a linear mechanism to automatically change the position within 20mm. The user can set continuous focus through the program to complete the rapid perforation of thick plates and automatic cutting of plates of different thicknesses and materials. The compound lens group equipped with D28 integrates the light beam and optimizes the optical and water-cooled design so that the laser head can work stably for a long time.

Autofocus saves focusing time and improves work efficiency by 10 times.

Extend service life, by optimizing the structural design of the cutting head, extend its service life.

Heavy-duty Welding Bed

The heavy-duty welding bed is welded with a thick rectangular tube with a diameter of 200*200mm. The bed weight can reach 1000kg. The bed body is annealed and milled by a large gantry to accurately drill all installation basic holes at once.

Higher tensile strength and dimensional stability. Effectively improve the accuracy of the bed, reduce the processing error of the workpiece. Increase the resistance and stability of the guide rail.

It reduces the loss of the equipment when it is used and keeps the precision of the machine for a long time and does not deform for 20 years. The equipment has good stability and reduces the processing errors caused by the vibration of the bed.

Aero-aluminum Integrated Beam

High precision. After manual aging, solution treatment and finishing, the beam has good integrity, rigidity, toughness and ductility.

Fast speed. Aluminum alloy has the features of lightweight and strong rigidity, which is conducive to high-speed movement during processing, and high flexibility is conducive to the high-speed cutting of various graphics on the basis of high precision.

High efficiency. The lighter weight beam can ensure the rapid operation of the equipment, improve the processing efficiency, and at the same time ensure the processing quality. Not only can the high-speed operation of the laser cutting machine be guaranteed, but also the accuracy and efficiency of the cutting processing.

Effectively improve the service life and accuracy of the laser cutting machine, reduce time cost and reduce time loss. And after using the same time limit, the aluminum beam can ensure the cutting accuracy to the greatest extent, and at the same time, it can alleviate the kinetic energy of laser head during high-speed movement.


IGOLDENLASER, as a professional supplier of laser equipment application solutions, integrates R&D, production, sales and after-sales service, and provides customized solutions for metal processing to more than 8,000 customers around the world.

The products cover laser intelligent flexible production line, fiber laser cutting machine, fiber laser cleaning machine, fiber laser welding machine, glass laser drilling and cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, CO2 laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, etc.

We sell solutions that create greater value for our customers.

Best Laser Cutting Machine

Company Mission

IGOLDENLASER is committed to providing customers in the metal processing industry with more efficient, more economical and more valuable intelligent manufacturing overall solutions.

Focusing on the future development of the metal processing market, IGOLDENLASER has made layouts in three major directions: intelligence/digitization, smart factories, and green energy conservation and environmental protection. With the launch of new products and the amazing growth rate, IGOLDENLASER will continue to provide products and services that meet customer expectations for every customer heard.

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