Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine for Sale

iGCL series Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaner is the new generation of safe, high efficiency, energy saving, environment-friendly metal laser cleaning equipment, using handheld swing cleaning head, touch screen and button control, combined with the advanced integrated control system, the precision CNC fiber laser cleaning machine is assembled. It meets the cleaning requirements of complex shapes and fine positioning in the industrial processing field, and achieves higher cleanliness cleaning effects and lower overall cost production benefits.

Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

The Importance of Hand-held laser cleaning machine

Hand-held laser cleaning machine uses high-frequency and high-energy laser pulses to irradiate the surface of the workpiece, so that the surface oil, rust or coating evaporates or peels instantly. Its characteristics are not to damage the part matrix, no consumables, energy saving and environmental protection, and efficient removal of resin on the surface of the workpiece. Oil stains, stains, dirt, rust, coatings, coatings, and paints meet the cleaning requirements of complex shapes and fine positioning in the industrial processing field, and achieve higher cleanliness cleaning effects and lower overall cost production benefits. Mainly used in automobile manufacturing, mechanical processing, electronic processing, cultural relics restoration, mold industry, shipbuilding industry, food processing industry, petrochemical industry processing, petrochemical industry and other industries.

Fiber Laser Cleaning MachineFiber Laser Cleaning Machine


In the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, steel, electric power, etc., due to the production, transportation, storage, installation, and production of new equipment and pipelines, it is inevitable to produce oil, welding slag and various cyanides. Polymers, scale, deposits, rust and corrosion will also be produced. In order to prevent major safety accidents such as leakage and explosion, industrial cleaning is a necessary method. However, there are also some problems in the commonly used centralized industrial cleaning methods.

1.Mechanical friction cleaning method: high cleanliness, but easy to damage the substrate.

2.Chemical corrosion cleaning method: stress-free cleaning, but large pollution.

3.Liquid-solid jet cleaning method: higher flexibility, but high cost, and more complicated waste liquid treatment.

4.High-frequency ultrasonic cleaning method: The cleaning effect is good, but the size of the cleaning parts is limited.


Laser cleaning machine technology is widely used as a green and environmentally friendly cleaning method. Compared with traditional industrial cleaning, it has the following advantages and becomes an emerging laser cleaning technology, which is widely used in automobile manufacturing, electronic processing, mold industry, petrochemical industry, etc. industry.

1.No consumables, no chemical pollution, no noise, energy saving and power saving.

2.No contact, no grinding, no stress, little damage to the substrate. X It can eliminate polluting particles below the nanometer level, and the cleanliness is high.

3.Optical fiber transmission, movable operation, can clean dead corners.

4.Synchronous cleaning and synchronous processing to achieve zero emissions during the cleaning process.

5.It can realize rapid cleaning of heavy pollutants and high-speed cleaning of light pollutants.

Product Description of the Fiber Laser Cleaner

★ Laser cleaning machine is a new generation of high-tech products for surface treatment.

★ It is green and environmentally friendly.

★ It can evaporate or peel off the dirt, rust or coating on the surface, and effectively remove the attachments or surface coatings on the cleaning object at high speed to achieve the cleaning object.

★ The laser cleaner is easy to install, control and automate.

★ It is easy to operate and can remove resin oil stains, stains, dirt, glue, rust, decoating, deplating and paint on the surface of objects.

The Features

★ Non-contact is cleaning, does not damage the parts substrate;

★ Precise cleaning, can achieve selective cleaning of precise position and precise size;

★ No need for any chemical cleaning fluid, no consumables, safe and environmentally friendly;

★ Simple operation, just power on, can be hand-held with the robot to achieve automatic cleaning;

★ High cleaning efficiency, save time;

★ The laser cleaning system is stable and requires almost no maintenance.

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