4 Heads Wood CNC Router Machine

How to choose a CNC cutting machine?

“How much is a CNC cutting machine”Which price of cutting machine is more suitable”, “Which brand of CNC cutting machine is of good quality”, etc., are all what every boss wants to know. Quality of different manufacturers Different, different manufacturers have different prices, and different types of prices are also different. So how much does it cost to buy a high-quality CNC cutting machine?

4 Heads Wood CNC Router MachineFaced with so many CNC cutting machine brands, is it difficult for you to decide which one to buy, for fear of buying a poor quality equipment to go home, due to the rise of custom-made furniture in the whole house, people’s Furniture ideology has also changed, which has also changed the traditional concept of customized furniture. The automatic numerical control mode production form can greatly increase output, reduce labor intensity, and reduce costs. This is the general trend of furniture factories.

Four-Processes CNC Router

Before choosing a high-quality engraving machine, you might as well understand the central configuration of Superstar CNC cutting machine:

  1. The bed is designed with thick and generous square tube, so the machine runs more smoothly;
  2. Taiwan SYNTEC, LNC or Weihong panel control system, automatic loading and unloading can be used for multi-process machines, and can also be used for machining center drilling machines. 8-24 tools can be placed at the same time, and the tools are automatically switched during the machining process. Improve processing efficiency;
  3. All three axes adopt Taiwan original square rail, XY axis adopts domestic well-known high-precision helical rack, and Z axis adopts Taiwan original nut TBI screw rod;
  4. Automatic lubrication system, independent cabinet, vacuum adsorption table;
  5. Optional automatic typesetting software, only need to input the size of the plate, the software optimizes the typesetting, the utilization rate of the plate can reach more than 90%, which improves the efficiency of the use of the plate and reduces the cost of raw materials.

Many customers do not know why they have consulted so many manufacturers why some of the prices are so low. The reason lies in the cost. Many central parts may be inferior. The cost is low and the sales price is low. The manufacturer’s profit is not bottomed. In the end, many The boss spent the same money but did not buy equipment of the same value. Therefore, the so-called “you get what you pay for” is really reasonable. When buying a CNC cutting machine, don’t just look for cheap but ignore the quality. In the end, you will lose money, so you must choose carefully.

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