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How to choose aluminum table and vacuum table for CNC wood router?

From the point of view of the table: CNC router working table is mainly divided into aluminum table and vacuum table. The aluminum table is used as the table, and the engraving workpiece needs to be fixed manually. the vacuum adsorption table is directly placed on the table of the engraving machine, and it can be automatically fixed. Vacuum adsorption table can save time and fix more firmly. However, it is not suitable for all processing techniques. What type of woodworking engraving machine to choose depends on the processing technique.

CNC engraving machineThe vacuum adsorption table engraving machine is more expensive than the aluminum table top engraving machine. Its structure is composed of a vacuum pump and high-quality bakelite. It can be divided into six partitions and eight partitions for vacuum adsorption, which can greatly enhance the adsorption function.

When we use the vacuum table CNC router processing the plate, open the vacuum valve, the carved plate will be directly fixed, which saves a lot of time than manual fixing, and the fixing is more stable. It is suitable for wooden door processing, large-scale plate relief carving. For hollow processing, uneven engraved workpieces are suitable for aluminum table engraving machines.

CNC engraving machine

When choosing a woodworking engraving machine, you must choose the appropriate equipment according to your own processing technology. Although vacuum adsorption can save a lot of time, it is not suitable for every user to process.

Multi-spindle cnc router vaccum tableAluminum table for cnc router

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