6 Spindles 3D CNC Woodworking Machines

How to maintain the CNC cutting machine in summer?

The summer solstice will continue to be hot weather. In the hot summer, how does the CNC cutting machine continue to work when the temperature is too high. Moreover, there are usually thunderstorms in summer. What should be paid attention to when using the carving machine for wood?

  1. 6 Spindles 3D CNC Woodworking MachinesIt is forbidden to process the CNC cutting machine in cloudy, rainy and thundery weather;
  2. It is forbidden to install the CNC cutting machine in the open air environment and expose it to the sun;
  3. The workshop should choose a ventilation environment to prevent the workshop temperature from being too high;
  4. Do not use a power supply that does not meet the rated voltage of the CNC cutting machine. It is a high temperature in summer, so pay attention to voltage regulation;
  5. According to different engraving machine materials and different engraving depths, select the tool and set the engraving speed;
  6. Do a good job in daily routine maintenance, clean up the guide rail and the lead screw, and use a cloth (without depilation) to clean up the oil stains and material chips on the guide rail and the lead screw;
  7. When the water-cooled spindle motor is working, the water pipe must be firmly fixed, the water source is clean, and the water flow is smooth. The motor should be replaced in time due to water leakage or water pipe aging.6 Spindles 3D CNC Woodworking Machines

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