Laser Engrave Machine Used and Application

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Laser Engrave Machine Used and Application

Laser engrave machine technology can make text or patterns on objects. When engraving, the surface of the object remains smooth, does not wear, and the surface does not deform, usually without fixing. The laser head does not touch the surface of the material when engraving, and is not affected by mechanical movement. Laser engraving is not affected by the elasticity and flexibility of the material, and is suitable for processing soft materials.

Laser engrave machine has high precision, so it is widely used in various fields. Applicable to various industries such as advertising decoration, architectural models, wood processing, handicrafts, leather clothing, shoes, toys, education, and medical treatment. Using laser engraving technology, you can design different patterns on different material surfaces. This is a good choice for people who want to customize or personalize something.

The advantage of laser processing is that it can quickly engrave and hollow out various patterns on the surface of various shoe upper materials. Because laser processing is a non-contact processing method, it will not cause any external deformation to the shoe upper. It also has many advantages such as high carving precision, hollow out without burrs, and can be processed in any shape.

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