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1000w Laser Machine To Remove Rust And Paint From Metal

Laser to remove rust and paint from metal, also known as laser ablation, uses a laser beam to remove impurities and contaminants from the surface of a material through irradiation. Such impurities may include unwanted insulation, paint, rubber coating, and rust.

rust removal laser machine
The application of lasers in the cleaning field has achieved important results. Compared with traditional cleaning methods, fiber laser cleaner rust removal such as mechanical friction, chemical corrosion and high-frequency ultrasonic can realize fully automatic operation. It has high work efficiency, low cost, no pollution to the environment, no damage to the substrate, and a wide range of materials. The advantages are completely in line with the green and environmentally friendly processing concept, and it is the most reliable and effective cleaning method at present.
Cleaning with no detergent, no media, no dust, no water. Auto focus, can clean curved surface, gentle cleaning surface. Cleaning resin, oil stain, rust, coating materials, paints on workpiece surface.

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What are the common Laser to remove rust and paint from metal on the market?

At present, the hand held laser cleaner is the most popular among consumers because of its simple operation and affordable price. The rest also have laser cleaning machines equipped with fiber lasers, including 1000-watt laser cleaning machines, 1500-watt fiber laser cleaning machines, and 2000-watt handheld laser rust removal machines. Higher power, faster cleaning.
The above is the application of industrial laser cleaning machine in various industries. Compared with traditional cleaning technology, laser cleaning technology has great advantages in economic benefits, cleaning effect or “green engineering”, and has broad market prospects.

Features and Advantages of 1000 watt Laser to remove rust and paint from metal:

JPT Laser Source, hanli chiller, smart operation system, optic fiber cable.
Fast cleaning, 360 degrees cleaning, clean evenly.
Wide material applicability, flexible and efficient application in various industrial processing scenarios.
Handheld laser cleaning head, light and easy to use, can be used for long-time operation.
With universal casters, it is easy to move and install.
English operation interface. Parameters are intuitive and adjustable. Easy to operate.
Non-contact cleaning. No consumables cost saving. No damage to the base material. Zero emission, no chemical pollution environmental friendly.

How It Works

1000 watt Laser to remove rust and paint from metal uses a machine that aims a laser pulse at high power onto the rusty surface of a material. The laser energy is absorbed by the organic material lying on the surface of the substrate while the non-organic substrate remains untouched.

The laser beam is passed over the surface until the preferred depth and area have been completely rid of the rust. At low flux, the laser energy from the beam ablates the surface while vaporizing the rust. At high flux, the laser energy converts the rust or other unwanted material to plasma. Both low and high flux get the job done, but their use depends on the type of surface in question.

Best 1000w laser machine parameter

Laser To Remove Rust And Paint From Metal
There are two distinct laser cleaning processes; coating removal and surface decontamination. The former is characterized by removing a layer of unwanted material from the surface of a substrate. It is most effective when the physical and chemical composition of the layer differs from the substrate. Such include insulation, primers, corrosion preventive coatings, rubber or paint. Normally, the low flux laser beam is used for this. The latter involves removing the entire upper layer of the substrate and requires high flux laser beams.

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