Best Laser Cutting Machine

Multi-function fiber laser cutting machine (sheet metal laser cutting machine, fiber laser machine, laser cutter price, laser cutting machine price)equipped with 1000 W – 6000 W fiber lasers, can cut 0-25mm thick carbon steel plate, 0-20mm thick stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, 0-12mm thick copper plate, 20 – 200 mm diameter metal tube, standard The work area is 1500 * 3000 mm, which can be upgraded to 1500 * 4500, and the length cutting portion of the tube can be adjusted 3 meters, 6 meters, 9 meters.

Best Laser Cutting Machine

IGOLDEN fiber laser cutting machine has many unique advantages in laser cutting applications. Excellent beam quality, suitable for high-speed and high-precision cutting. Small size, higher integration. The laser output power is stable and the equipment reliability is high. High efficiency, low energy consumption and low cost. Good dynamic characteristics and high efficiency.

How to choose laser machine

Acceptance: Check if the product is the product you purchased, check whether the product is damaged during transport, and confirms if all components are complete, whether it is damaged. If there is any transport damage, the laser cutting machine model is inconsistent, lack of parts, etc., please contact after-sales service in time.

Best fiber laser cutting machine placement and installation requirements: This device should be installed between dry, good ventilation, ambient temperature + 4 °C and + 33 °C to ensure good cutting quality, away from vibration; The average weight, high ground hardness, cement thickness is not less than 20 cm.

You must have a professional ground: The grounding requirements are copper rods or galvanized iron bars, and the underground portion must be greater than 1.5 meters.

Professional after-sales engineer training: After-sales engineers will explain the equipment installation, parameter adjustment, daily maintenance, so that you can better use laser cutting machines.

laser cutting machine

The maintenance of the laser cutting machine will affect the machine’s cutting effect and the life of the machine components. Buy a laser cutting machine’s agent, if you have any questions about the machine, you can contact the after-sales employee. iGOLDEN Laser has more than 100 professional after-salesmen, providing 24-hour technical services in 12 languages.

What Is A Metal Laser Cutter? 

Metal laser cutter is a type of CNC laser cutting machine for sheet metals, metal plates, metal profiles, metal tubes and metal pipes, which is the best metal cutting solution for metal fabricator. Metal laser cutters are available for 2D/3D metal cutting projects of stainless steel, galvanized steel, carbon steel, mild steel, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, copper, brass, alloy, iron, silver, gold, titanium, aluminum, bronze. Laser metal cutting machines are equipped with machine frame, laser power supply, laser generator, reflector path, laser cutting head, water chiller, control panel and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) system.

How Much Does A Metal Laser Cutter Cost? 

Once you have an idea to buy a cheap metal laser cutter, you may wonder how to get a fair price? According to different laser sources, laser powers, laser software, driving system, control system, spare parts, other hardwares and softwares, you will get a final metal laser cutter price range from $8,000.00 to $260,000.00. A fiber laser metal cutting machine cost is from $24,000.00 to $260,000.00. A CO2 laser metal cutting machine cost is from $8,000 to $20,000.00. If you want to buy overseas, the fee of tax, customs clearance and shipping costs should be included in the final price.

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