cabinet CNC router

What should be paid attention to when choosing a cabinet CNC router?

With the development of the panel furniture decoration industry, many furniture factories have begun to use machines instead of manual operations, but because they do not understand the cabinet CNC router industry, customers often have machine problems after purchase, affecting future use and delaying production progress.

cabinet CNC router   cabinet CNC router

Today, I will introduce you to some mistakes and precautions you should take when buying cabinet CNC router.

  1. Spindle power of cabinet CNC making machine: Spindle power will affect the processing effect. If the processed product needs cutting function, it is recommended to choose a high-power spindle, which has a fast cutting speed and good effect.
  2. Types of cabinet CNC router: The most basic is a stepper motor. Some customers want better motors, but don’t want to invest too much, so they can choose home servo motors. If you have sufficient budget and want the machine to have complete functions and more precise processing, it is recommended to use better imported servo motors.
  3. Numerical control cutting machine suction table: Many customers will mention that the entire panel with suction table is very good when buying a cabinet making machine, but sometimes the suction pump is very harsh for handling small materials, so they want to absorb a dual-purpose workbench. You can make a counter, and you might think the combination is very good. This view is wrong! Its adsorption effect is not as good as that of the machine adsorption table! The suction table is separated, and the non-integrated plate can only open one suction zone to save electricity.
  4. Cabinet CNC router adsorption pump: Refer to the adsorption table and discuss the choice of adsorption pump. There are two types of adsorption pumps: air cooling and water cooling. The noise of air-cooled adsorption pumps is higher than that of water-cooled adsorption pumps, but friends in the north should pay attention to the antifreeze problem in autumn and winter when using water-cooled adsorption pumps. Water-cooled adsorption. Therefore, you can choose a suitable adsorption pump according to the local climate.
  5. CNC machine body: Many customers ignore the influencing factors of the machine body and think it is not important, but the stability of the machine body is a prerequisite for good processing. Servo motors work faster than ordinary motors, so please choose a more stable body. Poor stability will affect machining accuracy. If the bed frame is not thick enough and the motors and other configurations are good, the products produced will also be defective and inferior products.
  6. Cabinet CNC machine tool control system: Choosing a suitable control system will make the machining process more efficient. Each machine accessory should control the system, so the system version will be different. Choosing the right control system will make your machining process easier.

These are a few issues to pay attention to when buying a cabinet CNC router. As long as you pay attention to the above points, you can buy your own CNC machine.

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