metal tube laser cutting machine
metal tube laser cutting machine
tube laser cutting machine
laser tube cutting machine

Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine for Metal Tubes of Various Shapes

Item No:iGR-T

Tubes and pipes laser cutting machine can be cutting round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, OB-type tube, C-type tube, D-type tube,triangle tube, etc (standard); Angle steel, channel steel, H-shape steel, L-shape steel, etc (option).

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Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Metal tube laser cutting machine can be used to cut all kinds of metal shapes such as round tubes, square tubes, and special-shaped tubes. The newly upgraded metal pipe laser cutting machine production equipment not only achieves automatic production and processing, but also improves the limitations of traditional laser cutting, saving time and effort, reducing costs, faster and more accurate, and can achieve pipe punching and cutting。

The fiber laser pipe cutting machine is designed to be a comprehensive CNC laser tube cutting machine solution. With a wide range of features and capabilities, this tube cutting laser system is designed to allow users a great degree of tube forming flexibility.

3d tube laser cutting machine

Pipe & Tube Laser Cutting Machine advantages

1. Change instantly fr1. It is professionally design for the tube and pipe.

2. The laser output power can be adjusted from 500W to 4000W.

3. It is easy to operate, which can improves cutting quantity and cutting efficiency.

4. Widely used in sports equipment, various types of pipe, water pipes, oil pipelines and other industries,

 Laser Tube Cutting Machine Parameters

Model IGR-T6024
Chuck Front and rear dual pneumatic chucks
Bed Tube welded bed
Motor Yaskawa Servo Motor
Reducer SHIMPO Reducer
Rail TaiWan HIWIN
Rack T-WIN helical gear
Y-axis travel ≈7m, applicable tube length ≤6m
X-axis travel 240mm
Z-axis travel 220mm
Support form Pneumatic variable diameter wheel support
Rated travel speed Y-axis about 40m/min, XZ-axis about 30m/min
Dimensions 10700(L)×4200(W)×2600(H)
System Cypcut Laser cutting system
Laser head RayTools  
Laser MAX / JPT
Operation console Industrial computer + touch screen

Laser Tube Cutting Machines Application

This fiber laser cutting machine is specially designed for cutting metal tubes and pipes. Except for regular round pipes and square tubes, it can also cut H-shaped, L-shaped, T-shaped, and U-shaped steel materials. The pneumatic rotating chucks can fix and rotate the pipes and tubes to make the cutting faster and more convenient.

Fiber laser cutting machines provide large and small companies with economical and affordable laser cutting capabilities for metals. For example, stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized, aluminum, etc. Therefore, the company has a good opportunity to laser cut highly complex metal parts, prototypes and custom parts in a cost-effective manner internally. This metal tube fiber laser cutting machine is widely used to cut various pipes and tubes.

tube laser cutting
tube fiber laser cutting machine

Tube Laser Cutting Machine


Compared with the traditional cutting process, laser cutting flexibility is good – no need to open mold, significantly saving new product development time, cutting speed, and high precision. And the tube fiber laser cutting machine can achieve opening, cutting, cross-line, and conventional ways challenging to accomplish a variety of complex graphics precision cutting.

Laser Cutting tube

Cutting speed is crucial, but the actual speed of the tubes laser cutting machine is relative. It’s more about the time the laser cutting machine for tubes takes to process a line to meet specifications than the actual cutting speed on the box. Steel tube cutting machines from iGOLDEN laser are self-developed to enable high-speed, high-quality laser cutting of profiles such as circular, rectangular, and special-shaped tubes. The new metal pipe laser processing line with tube laser cutting machine in China not only achieves fully automatic production but also breaks through the limitations of plane cutting, achieving multi-dimensional cutting. In a word, the fiber laser steel tube cutting machine is the metal pipe laser cutting choice!

cnc laser pipe cutting machine

The metal pipe-cutting machine has variable power to cut various materials through light depending on the end product. The tube-cutting laser machine is widely used in fitness equipment, construction machinery, home manufacturing, and other industries. Under the different applications of various shapes of pipe, the cutting technology of metal pipe is put forward higher requirement.

On the other hand, the CNC laser tube-cutting machine is free of preventive maintenance. All you need to do is regularly check and replace the air filter. iGOLDEN is a well-known tube laser cutting machine brand, offering various high-quality fiber laser processing machines to suit customers’ needs. Our square tube laser cutting machines provide an excellent solution for laser cutting a wide variety of tubular profiles and sections of various materials. Moreover, iGOLDEN laser cutting also provides a tube laser cutting machine and a related instruction manual for each client to select the product more easily.


In the past, fiber laser aluminum cutting could be used to cut thin materials. With the development of cutting technology, fiber laser processing machines can use the narrower beam to process thin materials, which allows for faster processing of different-sized materials on the same fiber laser cutting machine. iGOLDEN laser is one of China’s leading CNC fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers.

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