Small Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Safety Small Enclosed Laser Marking Machine for Metal

What is the Small Enclosed Laser Marking Machine?

Small Enclosed Laser Marking Machine can mark logo, character, serial number, bar code, data matrix on both metals and some non-metals. It does not have consumable. It’s very cost effective. It boasts fast marking speed and high marking precision. It’s widely used and well accepted in prevailing international market.

Small Enclosed Laser Marking Machine

Marking Materials

Both metals and some non-metalsMetals: carbon steel/mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, magnesium, zinc; rare metal and alloy steel (gold, silver, titanium, etc.); special surface treatment (aluminum anodized, plating surface, surface oxygen breaking of aluminum and magnesium alloy)Non-metals: plastics, rubber, resin, carton box, etc.


1.Fast marking Speed and High Efficiency

2.High Electro-optic Conversion Efficiency

3.Perfect marking effect

4.Integrated structure,small and compact size,less occupied area,easy transportation

5.Mini small type, in small size, no need  to take much floor room, also can save air money  for buyers. fully enclosed fiber laser marking machine

6.Small size, beautiful and high-grade appearance, easy to move, air-cooled and maintenance-free.

7.The marking workbench is simplified and the degree of integration is higher.

8.The use of high-precision equipment accessories, accurate marking effect, flexible operation.

9.Using high-quality laser, marking speed is fast, without any operating system restrictions.

10.The optical path is completely closed, no pollution, no noise, no consumables, and long life.

  • Main feature , is with cover, to protect people , on all the  machine. very safe ,and human. can protect workers from the laser. Popular among market. but lower price.


Mini type fiber laser marking machine.  for a wide range of use,, mainly for all kinds of metal and most plastic. • Especially suitable for hardware tools, kitchenware knifes, plastic products, metal jewelry, buttons,  frames,and other products marking. Clear, beautiful and good, great,  marking.  30W steel metal plastic,  mini , fully enclosed fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine is one of the most popular laser processing technologies. Laser marking is local irradiation in substances with high energy laser beam to make it evaporate rapidly and color change by physical or chemical reaction. These markers are permanent and hard to remove.

Small Enclosed Laser Marking Machine

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