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Which brand of woodworking cutting machine is good and cost-effective?

As one of the important equipment of the panel furniture production line, the woodworking cutting machine should strictly abide by its safety operation rules during the operation. In order to operate the machine safely, the technician should be familiar with the work flow and safe technical operating procedures.

CNC Nesting Machine with DrillingWear protective equipment before work, and wear protective glasses and dust masks when operating the woodworking cutting machine.

The construction site should clean up the work garbage and oil pollution in time, collect and collect the work pieces and raw materials, keep the site clean, and ensure the smooth progress of the operation.

Before starting the machine, check whether there are sundries or obstacles around the woodworking cutting machine and near the guide rail. Flammable items are not allowed within 10 meters. Whether the air, water and electricity used are in normal working condition. Check for loose machine-related grounds and that all cable connectors and receptacles are intact. Check that valves and fasteners should be tightened securely and not loose, damaged or leaked. Check the guide frame and bed.

Preparations before the woodworking cutting machine runs:

Clean woodworking splitters and around workbenches.

Check that the saw blade is sharp and that the ultra-fine saw blades are in the same line.

Check the machine, check whether the machine is running normally, check the running direction of the saw blade, and ensure that the running direction of the saw blade is consistent.

Place the prepared wood on the opener and adjust the standard size and gear size.

Turn on the power and release the emergency stop button on the wood cutting machine to make sure the wood cutting machine is ready to start.

ATC Nesting CNC Machine with Gang Drilling

Open the computer connected to the woodworking cutting machine, enter the established operating system, find the software that controls the device, and double-click the computer to open the woodworking cutting machine software.

Check whether the CNC feeding system is normal. If there is any error message about the Shredder in the system and you can no longer use it, find out the cause of the error and fix it.

When the machine is running, the operator cannot leave the post at will. Pay attention to the running state of the machine, and prohibit non-operators from starting the machine at will. If there is an unexpected fault such as an alarm during the operation, you should use the pause key to stop the operation, and then perform the corresponding operation. In case of emergency during operation, press the red emergency stop switch immediately to prevent accidents. In case of accidental power failure, the main power supply should be turned off in time to avoid instantaneous high-voltage damage or burning of electrical appliances when the power supply is restored.

When placing super-long workpieces, there should be signs and sheds when cutting materials to prevent injury. Tools and workpieces should be clamped correctly and securely. When loading and unloading workpieces with oily surfaces and more important workpieces, the bed should be padded with wooden boards first, and should not be padded with hands to prevent falling and smashing.

It is forbidden to place metal objects on the track surface, working surface and painted surface of the woodworking cutting machine, and it is forbidden to knock, straighten and trim the workpiece.

Advantages of woodworking cutting machine:

The woodworking cutting machine greatly improves the utilization rate of the board. When using the milling cutter to cut the material, the direction of the milling cutter can be arbitrarily rotated according to the needs of the wood, so as to quickly cut the heterosexual wood, and the average utilization rate of each board is 2.7-2.8 square meters.

Effective labor saving. The panel furniture cutting machine can operate multiple machines by one person, and is used in conjunction with the edge banding rotary line. It is completely controlled by the machine itself and requires only a few simple steps by human.

The woodworking cutting machine greatly reduces the labor intensity. The labor cost of an enterprise has always been an important part of the enterprise capital chain. Effectively reducing labor costs can greatly improve the cash chain of the enterprise.

The opening speed is fast. The woodworking cutting machine adopts the mechanical arm to work continuously, which can work continuously for 24 hours with high precision.

Mechanical equipment is less dusty. The latest vacuuming technology is adopted to ensure that the panel furniture cutting machine does not raise dust when it is working.

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