Stone Carving Solution – 3d Stone Carving Machine

3d stone engraving machine is a numerically controlled machine controlled by computer. It is mainly used for carving, embossing, cutting and polishing all kinds of stone materials.

Stone is the most abundant natural material on the earth. Stones have a lot of use.

Some of the earliest recording is found to be a tombstone. I am eager to have a history tracking in these tombstones.

The information carved on this tombstone is hand-engraved. Stone mud tiles use a stone chisel, patience carved letter and future symbol.

Today, this work has been taken over the machine. This is a 3d stone carving machine. CNC represents computer CNC.

What you need to do is transferring the design of the tombstone to the computer of the 3d stone carving machine by CAM software.

The 3d stone carving machine will be faithfully replicated by engraving stones, repeating the depth.

Tombstone engraving

3d stone carving machine

Natural materials have subtle changes, providing a jealous shape. Marble is an excellent stone of engraving tombstones.

The picture is an important example of the Rubik’s Cube of the 3d stone carving machine shows the complete ability of the design.


3d stone carving machine

The IGOLDENCNC 3d stone carving machine can engrave symbols as shown.

The geometry in the design is perfect.

The stone used is granite, which is a hard material. It is the quality of the diamond drill bit and the 3d stone carving machine for making such a sign.

Stone carving is interior

3d stone carving machine

The figure shows two identical design curtain boards engraved on the surface of the stone.

3D stone engraving using the IGOLDENCNC router is an example of complexity analysis and depth of implementation.

Saponi provides the best surface for such a design.

Outdoor garden decoration panel

The picture is a beautiful example of a panel, the side wings have complex threads and the center of the center.

Limestone is a tailor-made surface for displaying details. The stone does not polish, which is suitable for outdoor decoration.

Internal column engraving

3d stone carving machine

The figure is the details of the two adjacent panels fixed to the rectangular column.

Detailed intricate work is gorgeous. Due to the different engraved depths of the router, the leaves and flowers have been gloss.

Shaded drama will give subtle changes at each time.

Sabsburg is a beautiful stone for engraving complex design and theme.

Another way to engrave on the stone is to use a laser engraving machine.

The technique is very simple, the machine uses the laser of the surface of the melted stone.

It is recommended for laser engraving on the stone, suitable for polished stones, such as marble, polished granite (they have several colors) and ceramics.

Stone carving is a preferred method, and the particles of the stone are uniform.

As more and more people embrace this technology, the cost of engraving machines cannot be affordable.

The IGOLDENCNC laser engraving machine and CNC router can even be customized to accommodate specific tasks.

The IGOLDENCNC router can be applied to the work-working CNC wooden router.

Wood is easier to engrave and the mill is different from the stone. Woodworking CNC router is speed and fast cutting.

They are used to increase the production and cabinets of the door design.

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