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The engraving machine for correct maintenance and use method

The correct maintenance and use method of the engraving machine using the water ring vacuum pump:

CNC Wood Carving Machine1) The water level of the water tank is determined to be able to discharge water at the water supply valve; after working for 8 hours, water needs to be injected once (the water evaporates quickly during work, and the water level will gradually drop); the water level is lower than the water supply valve and must be filled immediately; the vacuum pump must be drained immediately;

2) The filter tank is installed correctly, the adsorption pipe mouth is connected to the air inlet, and it is fixed with a buckle to prevent air leakage;

3) The wiring cover is turned on, and the three-phase power supply is led to the three lead posts of U1/V1/W1;

4) After the motor water inlet valve is opened for 5 minutes, make sure that the water in the motor pump is full and power on for trial operation;

5) Start the motor, check the forward and reverse rotation of the motor in time, and exchange the power cords on U1 and V1 when running in reverse; then open the engraving machine, the adsorption valve, and check whether the suction of the pump is normal;

6) For vacuum adsorber products, be careful not to allow dust to fall into the vacuum system to prevent clogging and damage the vacuum pump. The filter in the filter tank must be cleaned after the vacuum pump works for a week; the room temperature must be kept above 0 Celsius in winter to prevent the circulating water in the vacuum pump from freezing. Damage to the vacuum pump;

7) The water temperature in the water tank should not exceed 70 Celsius. Working at high temperature for too long will reduce the air volume and the suction, which will cause the seal ring to age prematurely and cause the vacuum pump to leak;

8) The water tank should be cleaned frequently, once a week.

The above points are the correct maintenance and use methods of the water ring vacuum pump. In winter, the temperature drop will terminate the water circulation system of the water-cooled spindle. Correct maintenance and the method of who replaces the vacuum pump should be used to extend the service life of the engraving machine.

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