Main Types of Door Making Machine

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Main Types of Door Making Machine

We can provide you with many types of door making machine, including automatic loading and unloading machines, edge banding machines, vacuum press laminating machines, side hole machines, etc., to meet all your requirements for furniture production. The door making machine is widely used in the furniture industry.

The nesting CNC machine is a CNC equipment specializing in the production of panel furniture. It is mainly used for cutting various wood panels. Usually, the nesting CNC machine can automatically optimize the layout design through the design of intelligent software, generate effect diagrams, and intuitively perform operations such as modification.

The multi-process CNC cutting machine is also a machine specially used for processing door panels, cabinet doors and other furniture. Including double-process CNC cutting machine, three-process CNC cutting machine and four-process CNC cutting machine. Different cutter heads have different processing functions and can be equipped with 9 drill bit row drilling kits for cutting, grooving, drilling, etc.

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