Used for Multi Materials Door Making

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Used for Multi Materials Door Making

At present, CNC engraving machine is more and more widely used in the furniture industry, and it has become an indispensable machine in the furniture industry. The engraving machine has a complete furniture production line, complete varieties, strong automation, strong practicability, mass production, fast speed, and can realize for multi materials door making.

Making glass door. Most glass doors are made of high-strength tempered glass as the main material. This kind of glass is sturdy and durable and is mainly processed by cutting machines, engraving machines and other equipment.

Making software door. Upholstered doors are a combination of soft materials and surface materials. The surface materials are mainly leather, cloth, rubber and other materials. It is mainly processed with oscillating knife CNC machines, woodworking engraving machines and other auxiliary equipment.

In addition, the door making machine can also be used in the furniture industry such as art mural carving, kitchen window and door carving.

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