CO2 Laser Engraver Machines

Advantages Of Laser Engraver Machine

A laser engraver machine is an automatic CNC laser kit composed of bed frame, CNC controller, laser generator, laser engraving head, power supply, laser tube, lens, mirror, servo motor or stepper motor, gas storage tank, gas cylinder, water chiller, dust extractor, air cooling filer, dryer, air compressor, laser engraving software and system.


CO2 Laser Engraver Machines


CO2 Laser engraver has up & down worktable for optional. It’s suitable for cutting and engraving on different height materials.Laser engraver for leather has water cooling system to cool the laser tube. Guarantee the water temperature is constant, extend the life time of the laser tube.


1325 CO2 Laser Engraver Machine

1325 CO2 Laser Engraver Machine

Three Shocking Facts Aboutlaser engraver machine


With the repaid development of laser industry, igoldencnc has lunched different models of

co2 laser cutting machine to meet the different needs of customers. So what are the advantages of Chinese c02 laser cutter?

1. Good cutting quality.

As we all know, the laser spot is very small, the density of energy is quite high, and cutting speed is very fast. So using the high precision laser engraving machine, the incision of material is thin and narrow. The two sides of slit are not only parallel but also vertical.

2. High cutting efficiency.

As a cnc laser equipment, when it is working, laser nonmetal engraving machine is controlled by computer. You can process any patterns what you designed on the computer. And advanced laser engraving equipment is different from the traditional cutting machine, it has no noise, no pollution, and little vibration.

3. Fast cutting speed.

Using the laser engraver machine, the materials will not be fixed, which not only reduces manpower, but also reduces the time of feeding and blanking. And compared with traditional cutting machine, it has the fast speed when processing.

4、The engraving speed is also very fast, fonts, QR codes, and barcodes are all available.

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