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2022 Furniture intelligent manufacturing overall solution

Under the current background of Industry 4.0, innovation, quality first, and intelligent manufacturing have brought new opportunities for the development of the large home furnishing market, and “unmanned factories” have become the development trend of the furniture manufacturing industry. Machines liberate people and allow people to engage in more creative work. The furniture industry will gradually be reborn from labor-intensive and become a smart industry.

  1. Cutting solution

Rear feeding high-speed computer panel saw (double pusher)

The main and auxiliary work clamps can be independently driven to realize synchronous sawing of plates of different sizes; double beams, two sets of pusher systems work together, which is more efficient;

The main and auxiliary saws adopt an independent lifting system, and the saw blade adopts a quick release mechanism;

Open docking interface, can perfectly dock the front-end order dismantling software;

The professional version of the operating software integrates the functions of task management, program import, sawing and editing, fault display and troubleshooting, simulated processing, and barcode management.

panel sawpanel saw

panel sawWoodworking Flexible Production Line

The equipment is highly automated, intelligent and informatized, integrating automatic feeding, labeling, drilling, cutting, grooving, special-shaped processing and discharging; high work efficiency, 100-120 sheets per shift;

The open software docking interface can perfectly dock the processing data generated by the front-end design and dismantling software, and the professional version of the FCC operating software integrates functions such as optimized typesetting, intelligent control, task management, and label design;

Optional professional version of cloud optimization software to achieve automatic typesetting of special-shaped occlusion.

panel saw

  1. Edge sealing solution

High-speed automatic edge banding machine (PUR)

It can scan the code to realize information production, automatic belt selection, belt change, glue selection and knife selection;

The double glue pot can be switched quickly, and different glue pots can be selected for processing according to different depths of glue;

Four-knife fast tracking profiling, good profiling effect and high precision;

Waterproof and moisture-proof, non-toxic and environmentally friendly;

More beautiful surface effect, PUR glue line <0.1mm;

Optional flexible auxiliary feeding device can ensure stable and reliable feeding when the short side of the board with an aspect ratio greater than 3 (such as a 300x1000mm board) is sealed.

4 Processes CNC Cutting Machine

Narrow plate automatic edge banding machine

The edge banding tool for narrow plates with profiling ensures perfect edge banding of 40mm narrow plates; the double glue tank glue supply system can be switched quickly, and different glue pots can be selected for processing according to the depth of glue;

Equipped with double preheating, double welt, double finishing, double scraping, double polishing and other devices;

Equipped with a narrow board feeding auxiliary device, the operation is easier and safer.

4 Processes CNC Cutting Machine

  1. Drilling Solutions

Six-sided CNC drilling center

One piece of equipment can realize six-face processing and front and back grooving; 2+1 drilling package mode is adopted to improve efficiency by 30%;

The operating software integrating order production data and equipment information management is more convenient for production data statistics and information management;

Multiple units can be combined into a drilling workstation mode, and processing units can be automatically allocated according to different panels to achieve flexible continuous production.


CNC row drill

Computer control, through code scanning processing and automatic adjustment of drill rows, the adjustment of each row or drill bit can be visually operated; three-stage feeding device, the highest efficiency can reach 24 pieces/min;

Quickly replace the vertical drill box, pneumatic locking;

Quick return positioning technology to reduce the empty travel of the drill group;

The system saves processing data and preset data for quick retrieval.

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