fiber laser marking machine

3d Fiber Laser Marking Machine For Metal/Jewelry/Plastic/Glass

What is laser marking?

Laser marking refers to the use of a laser beam to mark workpieces and materials. Therefore, different processing methods will be different, such as engraving, removing, coloring, annealing and foaming. Each processing method has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the material and quality requirements.

fiber laser marking machineHow does the 3d fiber laser engraving machine work?

The method of laser engraving is the same as that of the other engraving methods. It is all same of that as the manual and automatic engraving methods. The normal-looking 3d fiber laser engraving machine works the same as that of the mechanical methods and even it all work on extremely hard substances like Diamond. But on the other hand, the 3d laser crystal engraving work on the laser or thermal energy.

In recent years, 3d fiber laser marking machine are widely used in the printing field, fiber laser marking system can be applied to a variety of materials, including plastic and rubber, metal, silicon wafer, etc. Compared to traditional mechanical engraving, chemical etching, screen printing, ink printing, fiber laser engravers have the following 10 major advantages:
Top 1. Non-PollutionNon-contact marking will not cause pollution to the environment.
Top 2. PermanentThe text information marked by the fiber laser marking system is clear and permanent, and will not fade or fall off.
Top 3. Good Beam QualityFiber laser is close to the diffraction limit, so that more fine marking can be achieved.
Top 4. Small SizeThe fiber laser has a reliable structure, small size, small power consumption, no high voltage and no large water cooling system.
Top 5. High SpeedThe fiber laser engraving machine is equipped with a high-speed digital scanning head and adopts fiber output. The marking speed is 2-3 times that of traditional models.
Top 6. Long Service LifeThe life of the whole machine is about 100,000 hours. Compared with other types of laser marking systems, it has the longest service life.
Top 7. Maintenance-FreeBecause there is no optical lens in the resonant cavity of the fiber laser, it has the advantages of adjustment-free, maintenance-free and high stability, which is unmatched by other types of lasers.
Top 8. High Electro-Optical Conversion EfficiencyThe fiber laser wavelength is 1064nm, and the electro-optical conversion efficiency is more than 28%. Compared with other types of laser marking machines, the conversion efficiency is 2-10%, which has great advantages in energy efficiency and environmental protection.
Top 9. Low CostThe manufacturing cost of optical fiber laser engraver is low and the technology is mature, so the price of the whole laser machine (standard machine) is lower than that of other types of lasers.
Top 10. Simple Cooling MethodNo need for thermoelectric cooling and water cooling, just simple air cooling.

3d Fiber Laser Marking MachineIn the machines selected for 3d fiber laser marking machine, in order to meet the work done in the best way, extra perfect results, fast marking, continuous maintenance-free working life and fault-free operation on metal and plastic surfaces are required.

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