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Application of automatic tool changing CNC cutting machine

Many customers think that CNC cutting machines can only cut hard materials, of course not, CNC cutting machines can also apply soft materials by being equipped with special tools. Precise cutting is essential in industries that process paper, fabric or other soft materials. Manual cutting always leads to mistakes and material waste, which consumes a lot of time. Therefore, companies or individuals working in these fields urgently need advanced cutting equipment or machines. Jiabang CNC can provide you with automatic tool change cutting machine, equipped with automatic tool change to realize soft material processing, suitable for cutting corrugated plastic board, paper, leather, compressed foam board, carpet and other materials.

The general composition of the automatic tool changing and cutting machine is the same as that of the CNC cutting machine, except that the automatic tool changing configuration is added. This tool can achieve precise cutting of soft materials, semi-rigid or other flexible materials, and can also guarantee the accuracy of cutting parts. Whether it is complex text, patterns, logos or personalized designs, the automatic tool changer and cutting machine can perform precise processing. In recent years, as more and more people understand the vibrating knife machine, automatic knife changing and cutting machine has been widely used in the carpet industry.

ATC Nesting CNC Machine with Gang DrillingBenefits to the Carpet Industry

The application of automatic knife changing and cutting machines in the carpet industry is not very mature, so they have unlimited possibilities, and the demand will increase a lot in the future. According to statistics in 2019, the demand for carpets in various countries increased by more than 5%. In order to seize this market, we must ensure that the automatic tool changer CNC cutting machine can maintain long-term cutting and precise cutting, so as to gain the favor of more customers. Rest assured, Jiabang CNC machines can guarantee quality and provide high-precision machining in a safe working environment.

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Features of automatic knife changer

This model of CNC cutting machine is best suited for processing softer materials. This machine cuts leather and fabrics other than carpets through an automatic conveyor system and an additional automatic paper feeder. They can also be used to cut rubber stencils, foam boards, event banners and more. In fact, the early use of these machines was limited to the wooden furniture industry. When cutting boards, they are used to process wooden cabinet doors, doors, tables and chairs and other non-metallic materials. People from all walks of life are gradually discovering the benefits of CNC machine tools.

furniture CNC cutting machine

If you want to buy an automatic tool changer, we offer a variety of accessories for you to choose from. For example: different types and sizes of tools, automatic loading and unloading functions, automatic tool changing systems, vacuum adsorption functions, dust removal functions, etc. can be configured according to your needs.


The advantages of CNC cutting machine

  1. Wide application. The automatic tool changer can easily process soft materials. Samples of other different materials, such as wood, aluminum, steel plate, acrylic, etc., can be machined when using ordinary spindle tools. If equipped with automatic tool change function, it can improve the work effect and speed up the production process. Cylindrical samples can also be processed if equipped with spindles and other equipment.
  2. High production efficiency and flexibility. We only need to transmit the designed pattern code to the control system of the machine through the computer. After setting certain parameters, the machine will automatically start to work, with a high degree of automation. In the process of processing, if you want to modify the processing style, you can stop at any time, which is very flexible and convenient.
  3. The machine maintenance cost is low. Once the CNC router is installed, no major changes are required. All you have to do is update the system from time to time to simplify your workflow. They have a long service life and do not require frequent maintenance. What you may need to modify in your day-to-day work is changing the tools you use depending on the material being processed and the purpose of the process. Another point to note is that the machine must be cleaned regularly to prevent dust and impurities from affecting the work of the machine parts, thereby improving the quality of the work. These routine maintenance do not require professionals, we only need to follow the instructions for simple training, which indirectly reduces the cost.
  4. Save labor. Traditional production work often requires the cooperation of operators of different types of work. After using the CNC machine, we only need one person to do all the work.

Of course, this also requires training, learning to operate machines, learning to use code, and we need to improve our expertise and make progress together.

  1. Long working hours. The CNC cutting machine can work continuously for 8 hours. It can also work by itself when you need to eat or rest, which greatly increases production speed. It works 24 hours a day unless repairs and maintenance are required.
  2. The processing process is safer. CNC planers require no human intervention during processing, thus ensuring a safe material cutting environment. In the process of operating the machine, we only need remote operation.

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