The Technology Of Stainless Steel CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The right laser cutting system for every requirement – from versatile stainless steel cnc fiber laser cutting machine in a range of formats and capacities capable of processing thin to thick ferrous and non-ferrous materials to high production metal laser cutting machine china, all with performance-enhancing options, as well as laser automation.



 Stainless Steel Cnc Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Laser cutting technology uses laser beam to the plate surface, the energy released to the stainless steel melting and evaporation. General use of carbon dioxide laser beam, the working power of 500 to 2500 watts. The power level than the required number of home heating power consumption is lower, however, through the lens and mirrors, the laser beam gathered in a small area. High concentration of energy for rapid local heating to make stainless steel evaporator. In addition, the energy of the laser cutting machine is very concentrated, so only a small amount of heat spread to other parts of the steel, the deformation caused by little or no deformation. stainless steel cnc fiber laser cutting machine can cut complex shapes very accurately the stock, the stock no longer cut for further processing. Laser cutter machine can cut stainless steel 4mm below, adding oxygen in the laser beam can be cut 8 ~ 10mm thick stainless steel, but the added oxygen in the cut surface after cutting The formation of a thin oxide film. The maximum cutting thickness can be increased to 16mm, but the cutting part of the larger size of the error. stainless steel cnc fiber laser cutting machineprice is quite expensive, However, follow-up process due to lower processing costs, so in large-scale production equipment used in this Is feasible. Since there is no tooling cost, so the laser cutting equipment is also applicable to the original production of small quantities of various sizes can not be processed parts.


stainless steel cnc fiber laser cutting machine


Metal Laser cutting machines contain:

Laser cutting involves the usage of a laser cutting machine to create cuts, engravings, and markings. Although laser cutting machines vary across models and applications, typical machines encompass:

A laser resonator assembly.
A laser cutting head, containing a laser focusing lens.
A pressurized gas assembly.
A nozzle.
Additionally, the laser cutting process includes the following stages:

Beam generation.
Beam focusing.
Localized heating and melting.
Material ejection.
Beam movement.
With the laser cutting process, each stage is critical. When each stage is executed correctly, a precise cut is achieved.

As already mentioned above, laser cutting technology finds its uses in various fields. It starts from electronics, medicine, defense industry, automotive and ends in the healthcare and design industry. The most prominent application of laser cutters is cutting any kind of metal.

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