3 Axis CNC Router for sale

Low Cost 3 Axis CNC Router for sale

Low cost 3 axis CNC router kit is used for flatbed carving and cutting wood furniture, gifts, boxes, models, arts and crafts, signs, logos, jewelry carving, now the best 3 axis  CNC router table for sale at an affordable price.

3 Axis CNC Router for sale

3 axis CNC router is a CNC routing machine with X aixs, Y axis and Z axis, it will go along three different axis at the same time. X-axis will move from left to right, Y-axis will move from front to back, and Z-axis will move up and down. 3 axis CNC machines are used primarily for machining flat, 2D and 2.5D parts. 3 axis CNC router is also known as 3 axis CNC machine, 3 axis CNC cutter, 3 axis CNC router kit, 3 axis CNC carving machine. The functional software behind any CNC machine is its CAD/CAM software. CAD software allows users to create the designs they wish to engrave. After completing this design, the CAM software converts the design into toolpath code that the machine can understand. The computer then converts this code into a signal that controls the movement of the machine’s drive system. The drive system includes a spindle, which is the part that saves the actual machine position. The spindle rotates 8,000 to 50,000 times per minute to cut the material. In short, users create designs and use software to make instructions for the machine.

3 Axis CNC Router for sale

Advantage of the 3 axis CNC Router for sale

  1. Integral cast iron frame, more durability.
  2. TBI motion linear guide with high precision to ensure the machine frame much stability and durability.
  3. High accuracy rolling ball screw from Taiwan TBI to ensure the machine frame with better precision.
  4. DSP Handle controlling, not occupying computer resource, one computer can control several equipment.
  5. Be compatible with various CAD/CAM software such as TYPE3, Artcam, Casmate, Artcut.

3 Axis CNC Router for sale

Technical Parameters of 3 Axis CNC Router Machine 


StructureSeamless steel welded
TableVacuum table with t slot
XYZ working size1300*2500*200mm
XYZ transmissionXY axis is helical rack and gear,Z axis Ball Screw
XYZ guide railTaiwan Hiwin Line 20mm Square guide
Spindle6kw italy HSD air cooling spindle
Spindle collet2 pieces
InverterWell known china Fuling 7.5kw
MotorServo motor(Yaskawa 850w)
DriverServo driver(Yaskawa 850w)
Controller systemDSP A18 control system
Voltage220/380v, 3phase 50HZ
Packing weight1500KG


Applications of CNC Router Table

Woodworking: Redwood classical and antique furniture, wood carving, gifts wooden box, redwood jewelry boxes, ink-stone cutting, decorative products sculpture, fine jewelry carving.

Mold Making: relief carving, shadow engraving, open carving, plane carving, cutting, washing and other effects.

Advertising: advertising signs, pvc boards, front plates, two-color boards, logo production, acrylic cutting, blister molding, large-character cutting, sign production, cutting PVC, crystal plates, acrylic, LED/neon grooves, hole shapes literal cutting, blister light box mold making.

Stone: natural marble, granite, artificial stone, tombstone, milestones, ceramic tiles, glass and other materials with 2D/3D relief and line carving, cutting, chamfering, drilling.

Crafts: It can be used for carving various exquisite patterns and characters on wood, bamboo, artificial marble, organic board, two-color board, crystal and other materials.

Others: It can also be used in portraits, landscapes, calligraphy lettering, seal carving and other plane surface carving, basso-relieve.

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