Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

Fully automatic laser cutting machine for Sale

As an advanced cutting technology, laser cutting technology has been widely used in major manufacturing industries. With the expansion of the scale of all walks of life. Fully automatic laser cutting machines are widely used in automobile, electronics, medical, military and other industries, providing high-precision, high-quality and high-efficiency cutting services for major enterprises. The automatic laser cutting machine is favored by more and more enterprises due to its advantages of “three highs”. Its automation reduces labor costs for enterprises and improves work efficiency and product quality.

Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting MachineLaser cutting processes replace traditional mechanical tools with invisible beams. It has the advantages of high precision, fast cutting speed, not limited by cutting pattern, automatic discharge to save material, smooth cutting, low processing cost, etc., and will gradually improve or replace traditional metal cutting processing equipment.

Laser cutting is to use a high-power density laser beam to scan the surface of the material, heat the material to several thousand to tens of thousands of degrees Celsius in a very short time, melt or vaporize the material, and then use high-pressure gas to remove the melted or vaporized material from the slit. Blow away in the middle to achieve the purpose of cutting the material.

Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

Fully automatic laser cutting machine is the latest technology and has been widely used in various industries, including metal cutting, glass cutting and engraving, laser is a kind of light, just like electroluminescence in nature, is made of atoms (molecules or ions kite) The transition of , is caused by spontaneous radiation. Although the laser is light, it is significantly different from ordinary light. The laser only relies on spontaneous emission for a very short time initially, the subsequent process is completely determined by the excitation radiation, so the laser has a very pure color and almost no divergence directionality, the engraving machine, the luminous intensity is very high, the laser also has a high coherence , high intensity, high directivity, after the laser generates laser, it is transmitted by the mirror and irradiated to the processed object through the collecting mirror, so that the processed object (surface) is subjected to strong thermal energy and the temperature increases sharply. Due to the high temperature, the spot melts or evaporates rapidly, and the trajectory of the laser head is used for processing purposes.

Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

Laser cutting features: fast speed, smooth incision, generally no follow-up processing; small cutting heat affected zone, small plate deformation, narrow slit (0.1mm~0.3mm); no mechanical stress in the incision, no shearing burr; high machining accuracy , Good repeatability, does not damage the surface of the material; CNC programming, can process any plan, can cut the whole plate with a large format, no need to open a mold, economical and time-saving. There are many materials that can be cut by the laser, including non-metallic plates such as plexiglass, wood, plastic, and various metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, and aluminum plates. The pulsed laser is suitable for metal materials, and the continuous laser is suitable for non-metallic materials, and the latter is an important application field of laser cutting technology.

Fiber Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

What are the specific advantages of automatic laser cutting machine?

High cutting precision, fast speed, narrow slit, smooth cutting surface without burrs, improve product quality;

Various cutting shapes, no mold, not affected by cutting shape;

Low operating cost and improved production efficiency;

Compared with the traditional cutting method, the laser cutting machine is a non-contact processing method, which avoids contact with the processing material and avoids damage to the surface of the processing material.

Fully automatic laser cutting machines have been widely used in more and more industries, and wherever laser cutting is required, it is its stage.

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