Heavy Duty CNC Router for Aluminum Cutting

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One thing that needs special attention when cutting aluminum: the design of the CNC router machine itself. You can buy any special tools you need, but if your CNC machine is made of cheap, lightweight materials, the cutting quality will be severely affected. This is why we suggest you to choose heavy duty CNC router, is very suitable for cutting aluminum. From kitchen appliances to window frames to aerospace components, there is a wide range of products. If you want to be part of a booming market, a reliable heavy duty CNC router is essential. Walkers will help you reach your destination in the following ways:

  1. Reduce vibration

The sturdy steel seat and steel door frame can greatly reduce vibration and seriously affect the cutting quality. When the frame and gantry are made of steel, vibrations caused by the movement of tools, auxiliary machinery and even heavy duty CNC router can be suppressed.

  1. Increase productivity

The power of heavy duty CNC router is relatively large, and the high-speed spindle optimizes the processing of rigid plates and increases productivity. Combined with the rigidity of the heavy frame, its output capacity will reach the level that heavy machinery can withstand.

  1. Higher precision, smoother cutting

The standard spiral rack drive system and high tolerance components can provide higher precision and smoother part cutting. It also helps to make the machine quiet.

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