When do you actually need 5 axis machining center?

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5 axis CNC machining sounds great. However, because 5 axis machine are really expensive. If you encounter the following situations, a 5 axis machining center will be your ideal choice.

Your part has an abnormal shape

Sometimes the production order you receive is not a regular order. The shape of the part requested by the customer is different from other parts requested in the past. Or if you are doing complex manufacturing for the aerospace industry, you may receive these orders on a regular basis. At this time, 5 axis machining center is required.

You want to reduce delivery time and increase efficiency

The CNC industry is developing in the direction of single processing. This makes sense, because it brings you huge business benefits.

What if you want to replace multiple machines with one machine? It is clear. A 5 axis machine can solve this problem.

In addition, the 5 axis machining can also help you find hidden sources of profit. For example, the customer asks you to make a fishing reel. In the past, this cost you three machines. Therefore, you tell them that you cannot help them because there is no money. Now you only need to use a 5 axis machining center and configure it once to achieve profitability. Now you can enjoy unprecedented benefits.

You want to improve the quality and accuracy of parts

Because 5 axis machining eliminates several configurations, the accuracy can be improved when using different functions of the machine tool. In the past, you had to configure multiple functions and tools multiple times. Although this may be very precise, it will not be as precise as you keep a single setting.

The machining speed of the 5 axis machining center is faster than that of the 3 + 2 axis machining. When using 3 + 2 axis machining, the tool must stop and start each time it is repositioned. No need for 5 axis machining.

5 axis machining center is absolutely important. You just need to make sure you know when to use it. Through these technologies, you will fully understand it.

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