CNC router cutt on acrylic

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There are hundreds of variations of acrylates, including different sizes, shapes and colors. The first step in making acrylates is to choose which type to use.

The transparent acrylic material is lightweight and indestructible, and can be used to create unique artworks.

The cutting speed of acrylic CNC router is much faster than laser cutting, it is more powerful, can easily cut through painted materials, and is more accurate for engraving and 3D design. Although lasers can be used for acrylic designs, acrylic CNC router are generally more versatile.

Now that you have selected the material, drill bit and design, it is time to use acrylic CNC router to start the cutting process.

Step #1: Adjust the feed speed according to the size of the drill bit. The recommended feed rate for cutting acrylic resin is usually between 75 and 300 IPM. Larger bits perform well at higher feed rates, while smaller bits require lower feed rates.

Step #2: Configure RPM. We recommend that you use a speed of at least 18,000 RPM to optimize the shaft’s ability to cut acrylic without melting.

Step 3: Adjust the cutting depth. Generally, we recommend that the depth of cut is about half of the drill diameter. This can effectively prevent damage to the drill bit.

Step #4- Make sure to choose to start cutting from the ramp. You can select this option in the software. Please use the inclined surface instead of inserting the inclined surface into the acrylic resin to avoid warping.

Step 5-Attach the acrylic material to the table of the CNC router.

Step #6- Run the acrylic CNC router and cut the desired acrylic design.

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