CNC router application on plastic

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Due to these improvements, the availability of hobby CNC machine has grown exponentially. Therefore, plastic manufacturers may need guidance to determine which product best meets their needs. The following are some of the main considerations to consider when buying a hobby CNC machine:

Consider the type of plastic that the router will cut. What is the hardness/flexibility or flexibility of the plastic? Find tables and options that meet these needs.

Find a router that provides the required edge quality. Previously, hobby CNC machine could not achieve excellent quality and smooth edges. The result is that manufacturers need polished edges or flame polished edges to produce the desired surface effect. Now, if the hobby CNC machine is specified correctly, it can make the appearance clear and save post-production work.

Look for a sturdy and durable workbench that has a heavy-duty steel base that can handle heavy plastics and achieves high resolution, is equipped with a spiral rack and pinion transmission, and is equipped with a direct drive servo motor.

By choosing a flat cutting bed and a powerful vacuum compaction system, vibration and material movement can be reduced. Vacuum compression ensures that the material remains firm and flat during the entire cutting process.

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