Fence Engraving by CNC Wood Cutting Machine

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Making fences is a good application for CNC Wood Cutting machine. In the hands of a well-trained carpenter, you can use the machine for better processing. Carpenters who have used wood for a long time understand the texture and texture of wood and can visually see the finish. In the hands of modern enthusiasts, this difference is obvious. In the hands of geeks, the tool path vectors on CNC Wood Cutting machine are very accurate. Usually, the finished product is perfect in all aspects. This is why you will find that the old and the new meet, and the result is beautiful. The fusion of engineering and creativity creates more exquisite products. Standard CNC Wood Cutting machine with 3 axis movement. By adding a 4 axis or a rotary device, turning the woodcut block during the carving process can increase the size. The size of the CNC router will determine the size of the beam. However, if the material is large, it can be divided into two parts for processing, and then separately carved and assembled. The key element of beam engraving is to transfer the artwork to the CNC computer. For starters, all three surfaces (front and side) need proper visualization and clear tool paths.

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