The Main Classification of Laser Cutting Machine Types

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The Main Classification of Laser Cutting Machine Types

The laser cutting machine uses a laser beam to irradiate the material to be processed. The advantage of the laser machine is non-contact processing. The mechanical part of the laser cutting head does not contact the processed material, ensuring that the surface of the material will not be scratched during the working process.

Laser cutting machine types mainly include: CO2 laser cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine.

According to the nature of the cutting material, laser cutting machine types mainly include metal laser cutting machines and non-metal laser cutting machines, wood laser cutting machines, acrylic laser cutting machines, and stainless steel laser cutting machines.

According to the size of the laser machine table and the size of the processed material, it can also be divided into a small laser cutting machine, a desktop laser cutting machine, a 2D laser cutting machine and a 3D laser cutting machine.

Moreover, according to the shape of the processed material, some users classify laser cutting machines into sheet metal laser cutting machines and tube laser cutting machines.

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