Stone CNC machine

Heavy Stone Engraving Machine_CNC Stone Tombstone Engraving Machine

GS-S-1325 Heavy-duty stone engraving machine (T-shaped integrated structure)

Features of the Heavy Stone Engraving Machine

◆Full dust-proof and waterproof structure, better protection of linear guides and racks (wastewater and stone powder generated during stone engraving have a great impact on guides and racks), greatly reducing the failure of stone engraving machines and prolonging the life of engraving machines. service life.

◆ Good software compatibility, compatible with various CAD/CAM design software such as Typ3/Artcam/Castmate/Wentai

◆ Bi-directional tool cooling system, effectively improve tool life

◆ All three axes are equipped with travel limit – “cross-boundary protection system” to prevent knife smashing and mechanical collision.

◆ Heavy duty engraving machine with constant power spindle motor, high cutting force, low noise and fast speed.

◆The engraving speed is fast, the quality is good, and the water circulation has no dust pollution

◆Can carve on various hard materials such as: granite, marble, bluestone, jade, sandstone, glass, ceramic tile, metal and other materials

◆Can carry out lettering, line carving, embossing and other operations, the depth of the pattern, the yin and yang carving of the font, the flat bottom, the pointed bottom, the round bottom, etc. can be controlled at will

◆It can engrave small characters and patterns that cannot be engraved by hand, and can engrave peculiar artistic effects for various artistic characters, handwriting, and famous calligraphy and painting.

Stone CNC machineApplication fields of stone engraving machine:

◆Yin carving, Yang carving, handwriting, famous calligraphy and painting, flat bottom and pointed bottom carving, three-dimensional relief and line carving, cutting, chamfering, drilling, etc.

◆Stone processing industry, stone tombstone processing industry, art relief, murals, ceramic tile processing, stair skirting.

Stone CNC machine

Stone engraving machine product parameters:

Model GS-S-1325

X/Y/Z axis travel 1300*2500*300mm

Working voltage 380V

Transmission XY rack drive, Z axis screw drive

Table size 1450*3050mm

Guide rail Imported high-precision guide rail

Repeat positioning accuracy 0.02mm

Control system Weihong (optional handle)

Countertop Structure Aluminum Profile + Sink + Rigid PVC

Bed structure Overall steel structure

Spindle power 5.5KW

Spindle speed 6000-24000rmp∕min

Operation mode Step, Y-axis rack and double motor drive

Overall quality 1.8T

Stone CNC machine

Single head stone engraving machine Large stone engraving machine Fully automatic stone engraving machine functions, which can engrave, emboss, line engraving, yin and yang engraving, grooving, hollowing, milling and special-shaped cutting on the stone. When purchasing, you can check whether to increase the cylinder engraving function according to the actual needs. Cylindrical engraving, also known as three-dimensional engraving, requires adding a rotating shaft to the machine, clamping the workpiece, and engraving while rotating.


Single head means that there is one engraving head, and only one engraving head can be engraved at the same time. Compared with double-headed and multi-headed, it means that two or more pieces of material can be engraved at the same time, but the same content and the same size (symmetrical). , mirror engraving is also possible). The single-head stone engraving machine has a long engraving time and perfect engraving technology, which can complete a work well. The stone engraving machine has rigidity, stillness, and strong coherence. It can better display the content of the work, solve the pollution of dust, reduce the accidental damage to the human body caused by stone splashing, and greatly improve the safety of the human body.

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