2 Heads 3D Wood Carving CNC Wood Routers

Operation principle and application scope of CNC woodworking engraving machine

Operation principle of CNC engraving machine:

The computer numerical control woodworking engraving machine is designed and typeset through the engraving software configured in the computer, and the information of the design and typesetting is automatically transmitted to the woodworking engraving machine controller by the computer, and the controller converts the information into driving steps. Input the power signal (pulse train) of the motor or servo motor, and control the host computer of the woodworking engraving machine to generate the X, Y, Z three-axis engraving tool path base path. At the same time, the high-speed rotating engraving head on the woodworking engraving machine cuts the processing material fixed on the worktable of the host machine through the tool configured according to the processing material, and can engrave various flat or three-dimensional relief graphics and designs designed in the computer. Text, realize engraving automation.

2 Heads 3D Wood Carving CNC Wood RoutersThe application range of CNC woodworking engraving machine is as follows:

  1. Woodworking industry: furniture decoration, musical instrument industry, wooden handicraft industry, large-area plank carving, solid wood furniture, solid wood art murals, MDF paint-free doors, composite doors, cabinets and windows, bedside cabinets, screen carvings, etc.
  2. Mold industry:it can engrave various molds, wooden molds, aviation wooden molds, propellers, automobile foam molds, etc.
  3. Seal industry: It can be easily engraved on horns, plastic, organic board, wood, storage mats and other materials.

2 Heads 3D Wood Carving CNC Wood Routers

CNC woodworking engraving machines are now widely used, and there are many models of manufacturers, which is dazzling. If you have any questions about engraving machines, you can consult on the official website of Superstar CNC, and we will patiently answer you.

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