Portable Printer 3D scanner machine

Portable 3D Scanner for 3D Modeling

What Portable 3D Scanner Used for?

Portable 3D Scanner, It can be used in relief, portrait, craft, art and many other fields. It is specially use for protecting cultural relics. Compared to traditional technology, 3D scanner has the advantages of saving data to enrich the database, low labor costs. Most important, the shining 3d scanner will not hurt the relics.

IGOLDENCNC 3D is a global leader in 3D scanning technology, providing the best and most comprehensive 3D scanners and processing software applicable in a wide range of industries.

The 3D scanner market is a diverse space with a wide range of products that come in all sizes, capabilities, and prices.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect entry-level scanner suitable for students or hobbyists, a more powerful machine with better software and workflows for accurate scans of artifacts or parts, or an industrial-level 3D scanner that can handle quality control and reverse engineering, you’ll find a scanner in this list to fit your needs and budget.

From use in creating virtual reality to industrial design, there’s so much today’s 3D scanners can do and their applications are growing daily.

Portable 3D Scanner

What advantages of it?

1.There are many modes (handheld HD, handheld rapid), you could choose in different situations. The 3D scanner is a multi- function scanner

2.The 3d scanner is light and is convinient to operate.

3.The 3D scanner connect with color camera. So the scanner will quickly capture true color of the object, and restore it.

4.The speed of 3D scanner is high. The handheld can be 10 frames/ second. It can be used in large portrait.

5.The 3D scanner could be used in many fields, such as R&D, education, preservation of cultural relics, art, biomedicine, crafts and so on.


  1. Dark and black objects can be scanned directly to get rid of the dependence on contrast enhancers;
  2. Two scanning modes, which can scan with or without a dot, saving a lot of time.
  3. High precision and fast speed.

Portable 3D ScannerPortable 3D Scanner


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