Why should I buy a laser marking machine for metal?

Laser marking metal is an extremely precise and clean way to process metals with non-contact, permanent markings. Labels such as serial numbers, data matrix codes and logos can be applied to products and components with a high-resolution finish. Metal marking or engraving is created by the laser using a non-contact process that requires no pre- or post-processing. Markings produced by annealing serve as durable, acid, chemical and corrosion resistant labels that do not damage the metal surface.

Fiber laser marking machine

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Function and advantages of laser technology

    • Cost-efficient production
    • Marking takes seconds and allows greater output
    • Permanent engravings
    • Perfect marking results – fine tools
    • Incredible design opportunities
    • Non-contact and reliable material processing capabilities

Product recommendations


Suitable types of metal for laser marking

    • Stainless steel
    • hardened metals
    • alloy steels
    • high-speed steels
    • aluminum
    • anodized aluminum
    • titanium, titanium alloys
    • hard metals
    • brass
    • copper
    • precious metals
    • coated metals

Depending on your requirements metals can be engraved or marked.

Application examples made of metal

Laser application in marking metals are typicaly used for marking products with traceability features and codes. These applications can be found in the electronics and electrical industry, mechanical engineering and tool manufacturing, in sheet metal processing, medical technology, promotional materials, jewelry and in the automotive industry.

    • Product labeling as an anti-counterfeiting measure,
    • Functional labels such as size, diameter, etc.
    • Production information, such as date of manufacture, batch number, serial number, etc.
    • Traceability codes
    • Data Matrix codes for quality assurance
    • Customization of promotional and gift items made of metals,
    • Data plates

5 points to choose a fiber laser marking machine

Marking machine laser source.

If the process workpiece hardware, plastic, label paper and other materials with a longer wavelength of optical fiber laser marker.

Or it is bamboo, cloth, ceramics, acrylic and other materials with a shorter wavelength of co2 laser marking machine.

If it is film, fruit, eggs, cartons, reinforced glass and other thermal materials with moderate wavelength uv laser marker.

Of course, it is not that a material is suitable for only one laser source.

The same material can use a variety of laser sources, it depends on the precision of your processing requirements.

Marking machine power.

Laser power is sometimes the key to determine the speed and effect.

Generally, like ultraviolet engraving paper, film, plastic, with a low power of 1.2w marking.

But the carving of glass requires ultraviolet 3W, or even 5W power to move.

Like hardware, you can use optical fiber for 20W.

But if the pursuit of high efficiency and high speed, it takes 30W or higher power to achieve.

The main hardware structure of marking machine.

 The main hardware structure of laser marker, including laser, laser scanning galvanometer, focusing system, laser power supply and calculation notification system.

You only need to choose according to your processing needs is imported or domestic.

Especially for high precision requirements, and the manufacturers clearly.

The calculation notification system.

There are many kinds of software used in the laser marker.

Some are routine, you need to figure out whether there will be secondary development needs.

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