cnc metal plasma cutting machine

Table Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

iGP plasma cutting machine is used for cutting thick metals. The Hypertherm cutting head is a reliable and robust plasma source. Together with the CNC control unit and power source provides precise and high-quality cutting. P-Series plasma cutting machine is designed for precision cutting, High Performance, and High Speed. It can be equipped with Pipe cutting, a 5-Axis beveling head, multi-plasma heads, and Oxy cutting heads.

cnc metal plasma cutting machine

CNC plasma table machine, including flat plasma cutting machine, plate and tube integrated plasma cutting machine, square tube plasma cutting machine. The reinforced bed makes the equipment more stable during operation, compared with portable plasma cutting machine and gantry plasma cutting machine, desktop plasma cutting machine has the advantages of fast speed and high precision, and is more suitable for batch processing of medium and thin plates.

plasma cutter for cnc

plasma cnc cutting machine


The CNC plasma cutter machine can not only meet 80% of the needs of large-scale flat cutting, but also 20% of the needs of tube cutting. It is equipped with an advanced tube-sheet dual-use CNC cutting system and a tube-sheet dual-use CNC cutting system.The software realizes the efficient and convenient interchange of cutting methods while cutting the tube and sheet material, which can not only meet the needs of users for cutting round and square tubes but also meet the special-shaped processing of steel plates.

CNC plasma and pipe cutting machine is a precision mechanical transmission device with thermal cutting technology combined with a high efficiency, high precision, high reliability. With inimitable man-machine interface, operation is simple and easy , can cut out various shapes of complex sheet metal quickly and accurately, especially suitable for automatically, thin steel non-ferrous metals, stainless steel and carbon steel plate cutting. It adopts an integrated modular design, quick installation, convenient movement.

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Table Type CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Features:

  • The beam uses light structural design,with good rigidity structure, light deadweight .
  • The gantry structure, Y axis used dual-motor dual-driven system,X,Y,Z axis all use dual-straight rail that make the machine driving smoothly with high-precision.
  • Aiming at cutting three dimension LED character, trough metal panels and floor cutting, the accuracy can reach good indicators.If it equipped with United States HYPERTHERM plasma source the machine can reach threshold.
  • Equipped with other advertise equipment (blister/engraving machine) . Improve the efficiency of several times.
  • Cutting mouth is small, tidy,and avoid a second dressing processing.
  • It can apply to iron sheet, the aluminium sheet, the galvanized sheet, hundred steel plates , metal plates.
  • The numerical control system disposes high, the automatic striking arc, the performance is stable.
  • Support Wentai, Astronautics Haire, ARTCAM softwares, Type3 produce standard G code way document,also can change software to read AUTO CAD softwares produce DXF form documents.

igoldencnc is professional on CNC cutting machine powered by plasma and oxy-fuel. From basic plate cutting machine, Gantry cnc plasma cutting machine, table cnc plasma cutting machine and portable cnc plasma cutting machine, igoldencnc is also Leading manufacturer in pipe and profile cutting machine, from pipe cutting and beveling, tube cutting and beveling, beam/angle steel/ channel steel/flat buld processing. By developing our own system and software in 3D profiling, igoldencnc become the top brand in metal cutting with competitive price and professional products.We have a comprehensive, made in the USA product line and the engineering expertise to customize our software and controls for your unique application needs. Our CNC plasma tables offer state-of-the-art technology and high-quality components you’d expect to find in machines that cost two to three times as much or sometimes more.

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