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The latest introduction of the furniture making machine in 2021

Furniture making machine basically refer to electronic or computer numerical control machines used to manufacture different pieces of furniture. These machines help to make decorative products with various functions. For example, doors, windows, tables, chairs, cabinets, railings, office furniture, etc. If there is no furniture machine, wooden structure cannot be formed, so all kinds of furniture products are suitable for home and family use. Office environment. Currently, there are many types of furniture machines on the market. These furniture wood machine have many easy-to-operate functions that can greatly improve the production level and quality. With the right furniture machine, you can also increase profits.

Furniture wood making machine: CNC router machine

So far, CNC router is one of the most widely used furniture making machine in the world. The furniture machine uses CNC methods to manage its functions. The use of CNC technology has also improved the productivity, precision and efficiency of furniture machine. Therefore, it provides higher accuracy than traditional tools. Almost every furniture manufacturer should be equipped with a CNC planer.

CNC router with different settings can perform various furniture manufacturing processes. For example, cutting, engraving, drilling, milling and bagging. Here, I would like to introduce a CNC wood furniture machine suitable for carving complex 3D patterns or cylindrical furniture parts.


4 axis CNC engraving machine

As the name suggests, the 4 axis CNC machine can be processed on 4 axes. Generally, furniture machine are divided into two models. One is a true 4 axis CNC machine, whose spindle can rotate 180 degree from left to right. Therefore, the wood can be carved in all directions, and the side of the board can be grooved or drilled. Therefore, wooden furniture machine can create 3D patterns. The other is a CNC machine with a rotating device. It is very convenient to engrave on cylindrical furniture. For example, table and chair legs, armrests, studs, studs, etc.

Therefore, the 4 axis CNC machine has a wide range of applications in the manufacture of traditional or complex style furniture.


Furniture wood making machine: cabinet making machine

Like CNC machines, cabinet making machine are also one of the most widely used furniture manufacturing machines in the industry. The nesting CNC machine is the most suitable cutting machine for manufacturing panel furniture and custom furniture. But unlike CNC router machine, cabinet making machine can perform long-term cutting operations. Many furniture factories use CNC nesting machine processing machines to cut and perforate cabinet products. For example, kitchen cabinets, cabinets, cabinets, shelves, etc.

The main difference between CNC router machine and cabinet making machine is that CNC machine is mainly used to engrave patterns on furniture panels, but it is not suitable for a large amount of cutting work. Cabinet making machine are mainly used for cutting panel furniture, and can cut for a long time.


If you have enough budget, you can also add other functions to the cabinet making machine. For example, automatic labeling, automatic loading and unloading platform, dual platform, two saws, packaging perforation, etc.s

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