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How To Choose A CNC 3D Stone Marble Granite Engraving Machine

The tombstone and stone carving industry has special characteristics. Therefore, more and more young people are reluctant to use hand-carved stone, which also promotes the progressive of stone carving to mechanization. Many stone carving practitioners choose cnc 3d stone marble granite engraving machine to replace hand-carved. then how to choose stone CNC router? IGOLDENCNC manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction, the following are several aspects that need to be considered when purchasing an 3d stone carving machine.

CNC 3D Stone Marble Granite Engraving Machine1. Stone CNC router power
The motor of the 3d stone sculpture machine has high power and low power. The power of some engraving machines is only suitable for wood carving and advertising engraving. Due to the relatively high hardness of stone, the power is basically 4.5-5.5KW. This kind of high-power CNC router is also divided into two categories: one is the CNC router with moderate format, which generally processes finer signs, and this kind of CNC router requires higher precision; the other is large-format cutting , The format is generally more than 1 meter, but the accuracy of this kind of CNC router is relatively poor.

2. Stone CNC router motor
The engraving head motor of the CNC router is also a very critical part of the stone CNC router, and the motor directly affects the performance of the CNC router. In addition, one thing to note is whether the speed of the engraving head motor is adjustable. If so, it means that the engraving range of the CNC router is wider and the application area is larger, because different materials must be engraved with different engraving head speeds.

3. Stone CNC router assembly process
The high-power cnc 3d stone marble granite engraving machine requires the body to be precise and stable. The IGOLDENCNC stone CNC router uses a heavy cast iron bed to ensure the stability and processing accuracy of the engraving. For more information,

4. Don’t covet the low price of the stone engraving machine
When choosing a machine, quality is more important than price. And the machines with low prices are usually not necessarily reliable.

 CNC 3D Stone Marble Granite Engraving MachineAny purchase 3d cnc machine for stone clients should be personal to manufacturers field investigation, best can try the carving, to see the performance of the machine. Now in the market a lot of brands 3d stone engraving machine quality also is uneven, buy the rest assured for machine suggest the buyer to common production on-site inspections, and the trial carving.

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