CNC Foam Machine For Molding Industry

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The main application of CNC foam machine is foam mold making. The foam molding industry is closely related to automobile and machinery manufacturing. Many experts and experts need CNC foam cutter to realize their mechanical design. CNC foam cutter can process foam molds with high precision. The product can strongly restore the appearance and internal structure of each part. The foam mold clearly shows the designer’s design philosophy and allows you to analyze and optimize the design.

The traditional method of foam molding is to fill the foam mixture into different molds. The compound melts and forms a large number of small foam cores. These small foam cores grow as the foam molds. This molding method requires different molds for foam products of different shapes and is ineffective. On the other hand, CNC foam cutter can produce foam products without any molds. The machine directly engraves the foam material according to the instructions of the computer. The treatment is more effective and convenient. Users only need to import their 3D foam patterns into the software, and the machine will produce good results.

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