CNC Foam Cutter for Sculpture Industry

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The foam is light and easy to cut and engrave, making it an ideal material for exquisite engraving. From the perspective of a sculptor, a good sculpture should have unique patterns, special shapes and contoured arches. Hand-carved foam is difficult to meet the high requirements of engraving designers.

CNC hot wire foam cutter is an ideal tool for designing unique sculptures. The main shaft of the CNC hot wire foam cutter or the multi-axis CNC foam cutting machine can flexibly rotate and handle foam materials of different angles and heights. The sculpture perfectly illustrates the design concept and may surprise visitors to the museum or art gallery. Similarly, sculptures can decorate high-end hotels or large shopping malls and attract consumers.

The CNC foam cutting machine can not only carve foam materials, but also process wood and other non-metal materials to create medium and large 3D sculptures. Wood carving is very popular in the field of interior decoration and art. EPS foam cutting machine can effectively engrave wood and produce ideal woodcarving jobs. In the engraving process, the processing path of the spindle is strictly designed in accordance with the software. The knife carved the perfect arc and angle on the wood.

CNC foam carved wood carvings can be displayed in museum exhibits, high-end architectural sculptures, art gallery exhibitions, private sculpture exhibitions and park sculpture exhibitions.

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