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How to quickly locate the woodworking engraving machine

Whether the positioning of the woodworking engraving machine is accurate or not directly affects the aesthetics of the engraved product. Therefore, it is necessary to first understand the objects that need to be engraved, and then locate them.

3 Axis ATC CNC RouterFor workpieces that do not require high machining accuracy, we can adjust the position of the tool with the naked eye, and then determine the origin of the lower workpiece. There is a large error in this positioning method. So today I will share with you the quick positioning method of woodworking engraving machine.

3 Axis ATC CNC Router

  1. The positioning must start with the fixation of the material. The fixation mentioned here does not mean that the material is fastened with a splint and it is finished, and the material must be placed correctly. Using our wood cnc engraving machine, you can accurately align the material, clamp a straight knife on the spindle, then drop the knife on the table, run along one side of the material, and use one edge of the material and the direct gap of the tool Come find genuine material. After adjustment, fix the material.
  2. Go to the next work to determine the work piece origin of the material. The determination of the X direction and the Y direction is the same method, here we only talk about the X direction. First, slowly move the tool close to the left side of the material by fine-tuning, turn the tool gently by hand until the tool just touches the material, then clear the left side of the X work piece at this time, then lift the tool and move it to the right , the same is to just touch the tool to the right side of the material, and record the X work piece coordinate at this time. The general position of this value is the center of the X direction of the material, and the same is true in the Y direction.

In this way, the center of the X and Y directions of the woodworking cnc router machine is determined, which is equivalent to the origin of the work piece. Through the above methods, you can accurately position the woodworking engraving machine, thereby improving the processing quality.

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