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National top ten CNC cutting machine in 2022

Panel furniture manufacturing machines are very popular in major furniture factories, because various equipment on furniture production lines play an important role in furniture production, especially CNC cutting machines, as a new type of equipment, are widely used in various industries. So do you know how to choose the production equipment on the panel furniture production line?

CNC cutting machineThe CNC cutting machine uses the supporting software to realize online design, 3D rendering, one-click file splitting, optimized typesetting, automatic typesetting and other functions. The vacuum adsorption table can complete the three processes of punching, slotting and cutting at one time, which greatly improves the processing efficiency. By installing different shapes of pattern knives, making wooden doors of cabinets, realizing the function of engraving machine, improving efficiency and precision, and making product quality to a higher level.

Spindle power: Spindle power is the main factor affecting the machining effect. If the processed product needs the cutting function, it is recommended to choose the high-speed and high-power spindle effect. Generally, 6kW high-power air-cooled spindle is used.

CNC cutting machine

Motor Type: Basic Stepper Motor. If you have friends who want a better motor but don’t want to invest too much, you can choose a domestic servo motor. If the machine itself has complete functions and high configuration, it is recommended to use a better imported servo motor.

Vacuum table: Many friends mentioned when purchasing a CNC cutting machine that it is best to use an adsorption table to process a whole plate, but sometimes a little material is needed to start the vacuum pump, so one must be used. It also clips the desktop. You might think you’ve used both. This understanding is wrong! Its adsorption effect is not as good as the entire adsorption table! The adsorption table is also equipped with a partition, which can open the adsorption area for non-veneer boards, thereby saving electricity.

Double-spindle plus row drilling CNC cutting machine

Rack: Why do both the fuselage rack and the CNC cutting machine belong to the woodworking industry? It is said that the servo motor is faster than the ordinary motor, which ensures the stability of the body. Stability affects machining accuracy. If the bed frame is not thick enough, it is also the best product and defective for products such as motors.

Cover: Many CNC cutting machines do not have covers, and many friends say that other people’s covers are good. Of course, friends in need can supplement. Honestly, there is no practicality other than the “atmosphere” of the exterior.

Control system: Many friends feel that the configuration is too much or the price difference is too large when consulting. The CNC cutting machine can be used, and each configuration function requires system control, so the system version will be different, and the software such as mobile phones will not be upgraded, which may be different.

Dealer: Buy a piece of equipment, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. Prices are high and reasonable. After all, the price is okay. If there is a problem with the machine and the after-sales technology is difficult to solve, it is even more troublesome. Choose a regular panel furniture production line manufacturer! Equipment quality and after-sales service are guaranteed!

Jiabang CNC cutting machine is strictly reflected in our entire production process; in the assembly stage, each machine is inspected 160 times to simulate the wear test in production and processing, and then carry out strict verification tests; equipment components use Siemens and motors, The new generation system, motor, Yaskawa servo, Italian HSD spindle, French Schneider Electric and other components are of higher quality and stronger.

The advantages of CNC cutting machine:

The CNC cutting machine automatically disassembles the order, and automatically calculates the dimensions of various plates such as door panels, side panels, and top panels according to product specifications.

The CNC cutting machine data group quickly optimizes the typesetting production and cutting requirements, and actively sends the comprehensive data to the CNC cutting machine.

Control system opening. The CNC cutting machine actively reminds the workers how to put the boards. The residual material management system first detects the same material of the same size in the warehouse, and promptly prompts the workers to give priority to cutting the remaining boards to improve the utilization rate of the board.

The CNC cutting machine automatically feeds and cuts the material, cuts the previous board, actively pushes out the board and locates the size of the next board, and automatically calibrates the size. When the saw machine returns to the initial position, the manipulator has been sent to the saw machine, and the saw machine cuts the board back and forth.

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