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Precautions for the use of CNC cutting machine equipment

The CNC cutting machine is a machine that presses the die to cut the material by means of the force of the machine movement. With the development of science and technology, it has been widely used by people. However, the machine must be operated correctly in use, so as to prolong the working efficiency of the machine. So what are the precautions for the use of cnc wood machine? Come and take a look at Superstar CNC.

3 Axis 4x8 CNC RoutersWhen working, the working environment should be kept clean and tidy, excess materials, oil and water should be removed in time, and work pieces and materials should not be placed in disorder, so as not to hinder the operation and block the passage. The tools and jigs used are in their designated places and are in perfect condition.

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Tool and work piece clamping is correct and secure. When loading and unloading the surface with oil and relatively heavy work pieces, the bed should be padded with wooden boards first, and it is not allowed to use the hands to support it to prevent falling and smashing. If it is necessary to lift, use the crane to cooperate with the crane. When loading and unloading the work piece, the relevant regulations of the driving safety operation rules should be followed. It is forbidden to stand under the hanging object, and the human body cannot be used to balance the workpiece to avoid danger.

When the wood cutting machine is working, the operator is forbidden to leave the workplace. If an abnormal situation is found in the work, the vehicle should be stopped immediately and the relevant personnel should be checked. After the work is completed, cut off the power supply, and then clean up the site, which is conducive to the next day’s work.

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