Top 10 best CNC router machines recommended

As a professional CNC router machine manufacturer, IGOLDENCNC provides high-quality machines for thousands of users at home and abroad, and also provides professional production solutions for users with various needs. We have rich experience in the production of woodworking engraving machine models and the selection of engraving machines. Today, we will discuss which CNC machines are the most popular and best 3 axis CNC machine in the customer base, and why these best CNC machines are the most popular among customers? Follow me to learn.

Recommended first best CNC router machine: entry-level 3 Axis CNC machine

This kind of 3 axis CNC machine is also called cheap CNC router machine, or economic CNC machine, because of its low purchase and maintenance cost. From the perspective of the processing path, this is also a three-axis engraving machine. During the processing of the 3 axis CNC machine , the workpiece always remains stationary, while the cutting tool moves along the 3 axis to process the workpiece. When engraving a three-axis CNC engraving machine, whether it is flat or round, it can be imagined as flat engraving. It is mainly suitable for carving flat and symmetrical, simple patterns.

The reason why this woodworking CNC machine is regarded as an entry-level engraving machine in the woodworking machinery industry is because the 3 axis CNC machine is simple to operate and does not require special training. The worker can complete the machine operates independently. In addition, the purchase cost is low, and maintenance and repair are relatively simple. Therefore, no matter in operation or maintenance, it is more suitable for new users.

Parameters of this 3 axis CNC router:

4 reasons why this entry-level 3 axis CNC machine is popular.

  1. High cost performance. It can meet processing requirements without high purchasing and training costs. This type of 3 axis CNC machine can help users save 30% of purchasing costs. It can also be used as a 3 axis CNC machine, especially for MDF and wood board cutting.
  2. Wide application range. This 3 axis CNC machine can be widely used in advertising industry, handicraft industry, mold industry, electronics industry, construction industry, printing and packaging industry, wood industry, decoration industry, tombstone industry, etc.
  3. A wide range of processing materials. The 3 axis CNC machine can meet the processing of most non-metallic materials, such as acrylic, PVC board, hibiscus board, two-color board, wood board, density board, marble, fireproof board, rubber board, glass, crystal.
  4. Long service life. The core components of this machine are all international brands, in line with national standards, and we have perfect after-sales service. Therefore, the service life of the entire machine is greatly improved.

Of course, if you have other special processing requirements, you can tell us, we can upgrade the accessories on the basis of this engraving machine. If you need to process 3D workpieces and the curved surfaces of complex workpieces, we can also provide 4-axis engraving machines and rotary axis engraving machines. If you need high precision and mass production processing, we can provide you with ATC CNC machine tools and multi-head engraving machines for you to choose from.

Recommended second best CNC router machine: ATC CNC router machine with auto tool change

As we all know, ATC CNC router machine is specially designed for users with high precision and high efficiency machining requirements. Compared to traditional manual replacement tools, ATC CNC router machine has an independent automatic tool magazine, which can be equipped with different tools. Its processing process can be controlled by a computer program, automatically replacing the desired tool, and no need to stop working, you can complete a series of cutting, storage, slot, stamping, milling, and other machining requirements at a time. The CNC machine is also one of the favorite machines of users.

We can also place the location of the automatic tooling tool according to the specific machining requirements of the customer. On the one hand, the tool magazine can be placed next to the spindle. The biggest advantage of this machine is a fast tool. However, the number of knives is not too much, and 8pcs, 12pcs is generally selected. If the number of tools exceeds 20pcs, the weight of the cutter head will be increased, which will affect the load capability of the z-axis and the frame, especially the load capacity of the Z-axis screw and the rail. All of this will affect machining accuracy. On the other hand, the tool cartridge can be placed on one side of the rack.This automatic tool change engraving machine is not limited by the number of tools, and has better stability. It also ensures the machining accuracy of the machine and ensures that the ATC CNC machine can be used for a long time without affecting the machining accuracy.

Parameters of this Linear ATC CNC Router:

5 reasons why this carousel ATC CNC router is popular.

  1. High productivity. Equipped with an automatic tool changer, it can meet the tool change requirements in the processing process without manual intervention. Learning through the simple and easy-to-use operation mode can help users quickly grasp the usage method and greatly improve production efficiency.
  2. The automatic tool change spindle is adopted, which has good starting performance, fast processing speed, large torque and high processing efficiency.
  3. It adopts Italian HSD spindle motor, and the spindle bearing adopts high-precision ceramic bearing, which has low noise and long service life.
  4. Equipped with imported high-torque servo motor, which has the advantages of low noise, high speed and high positioning accuracy.
  5. Equipped with a unique tool changing device and a dedicated tool changing table, it can realize automatic tool change without interruption, the tool change speed is fast, and the tool length error can be accurately compensated.
  6. Using Taiwan linear guide rail and ball screw, high bearing capacity and accurate cutting.

Recommended the third best CNC router machine: Oscillating CNC Cutting machine for soft materials

The Oscillating CNC cutting machine is a new type of engraving machine component, which can meet more processing requirements of users. And this type of CNC cutting machine has the function of automatic patrolling and positioning. This type of engraving machine mainly processes soft materials, such as PVC and KT boards in the advertising production industry, as well as cloth cutting, table cloth cutting, stickers, leather cutting and flexible materials in the clothing industry, such as car interiors and floor mats. The finished product has the characteristics of clean and tidy, smooth edges, accurate chip size, odorless, and environmental protection. Therefore, this kind of vibratory cutter is chosen by more and more users at home and abroad.

The parameters of this Oscillating CNC cutting machine

The reason why this Oscillating CNC cutting machine for leather is popular.

  1. The cutting speed is as high as 2000mm / s, which greatly increases the production efficiency. The processing efficiency of a cutter is equivalent to 10 workers.
  2. The cutting accuracy reaches 0.01 mm, and the increase in accuracy can maximize product quality and competitiveness.
  3. Intelligent processing. Simply automatically cut the graphic to the computer.
  4. It can be customized according to different processing requirements, free to choose a CCD camera, projector, double cutter head, double dragon gate, work area, etc.
  5. Imported high-precision ball screws move smoothly to ensure high precision of machine tools.
  6. Use the famous Italian HSD water-cooled axis spindle, there are many after-sales service sectors around the world. It is a low noise water cooled axis.
  7. Equipped with a high performance Japanese Yaskawa servo motor, high operating accuracy. The servo motor runs smoothly, even if there is no vibration at low speed, the overload capacity is strong.
  8. It has the function of continuing engraving at breakpoints and continues to engrave after power outage, thereby minimizing failure rate.
  9. Adopt advanced Taiwan SYNTEC handle control system, easy to operate.

The fourth best CNC router machine recommended: Stone cutting machine for kitchen and toilet.

The CNC router is a stone CNC router. This type of stone CNC router is designed for various stone processing. It is suitable for processing all kinds of stone, metal, jade, crystal, wood, artificial materials, synthetic materials. The main features of the stone CNC router include embossed, lettering, hollow, cutting, seamless splicing, surface treatment, desktop milling, etc. It is widely used in inscription, garden engineering, large sculpture, crafts engraving, home decoration, movie and other industries.

Parameters of this stone CNC router:

8 reasons for this stone machining center sell well.

  1. Automatic leveling function: It can correct the unevenness of any stone surface. This software is based on floating automatic generation of the stone surface, which is in line with the surface characteristics of the stone.
  2. Stable bed structure: The bed uses high quality steel structure and double-beam design, gantry and working surfaces by strengthening beams. Therefore, it is not easy to deform and high stability advantages.
  3. Super cutting capacity: High-power drive system with spindle stabilization, with larger torque force, smoother operation, accurate and powerful cutting point. The Y-axis uses a two-motor synchronous drive, with powerful power, high stability, and can achieve a process of 70mm granite thickness.
  4. Longer service life: Use parts such as stainless steel sink, protective plates, completely protect transmission parts and electrical components, so that the machine has longevity service life.
  5. Plete function. One machine is multi-purpose, which can meet the cutting, edge, polishing and engraving requirements of different materials.
  6. The degree of automation. The machine automatically changes the tool throughout the process without manual intervention, thereby reducing labor costs and improving the productivity of the company.
  7. The bed is seamlessly welded to thick-walled steel pipe to ensure higher processing accuracy.
  8. The workbench is made of steel plate, has the advantage of rust, good load performance and long-term service life.

Fifth Best CNC router machine recommended: mini CNC router

This is a small CNC router, also known as the family CNC router, hobby CNC machine. This best hobby CNC router has a relatively small CNC router table compared to other ordinary CNC machines. This small CNC router is very convenient during operation and transport due to its small CNC router table and high integration. Small footprint requires a relatively small space for users, so it has always been a small CNC router for small stores between users.

In addition, this mini CNC router is also equipped with an online tool box. Engraving machines can automate the tool change instructions based on the processing requirements without the need to stop working during processing. The time of manual tool changes greatly, and the productivity is improved accordingly. MINI CNC engraving machine is mainly used for engraving and milling of PVC, acrylic, two-color plates, plastics, baking, solid wood and soft metal materials, such as graphite electrode processing, also suitable for engraving PCB board, model mold, handicraft, plastic box, The specifications are limited, aluminum alloy chassis, and the panel opening.

Mini CNC router parameters

8 reasons for the mini ATC CNC router

  1. Small machine covers a relatively small space, which is more convenient to use and transportation, and it is also very simple to operate.
  2. Low noise. Because the machine is small, the power requirements are not high, so the sound is small. Simple and convenient operation. 3. High precision. It is also possible to engrave very small badges or small characters. The cutting surface is also very smooth and smooth, there is no burr or scum on the surface.
  3. Small laser engraving machine has a very fast cutting speed, and the corresponding production efficiency is high.
  4. Small laser engraving machines ensure smaller cutting width, more suitable for processing some small pieces such as advertising and kitchenware.
  5. The cost is relatively low. It does not require high purchase and maintenance costs to meet the normal processing requirements. Very suitable for small businesses or people with close funds.
  6. Use the automatic tool to replace the spindle, with good starting performance, fast processing speed, torque, and high processing efficiency.
  7. Complete function. With a rotating device, this CNC router can not only perform a flat engraving, but also processes cylindrical works.

Sixth Best CNC router machine recommended: Fiber laser cutting machine for metal steel

This is a fiber laser cutting machine for processing metal materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, aluminized zinc plate, silver, gold, titanium and other metal plates and pipelines Cut.

It can be widely used in metal plate processing, aviation, aerospace, electronics, electrical, subway parts, automotive, food machinery, textile machinery, engineering machinery, precision accessories, ship, metallurgical equipment, elevator, household appliances, handicraft processing, Decorative industry, advertising industry, kitchen processing and other manufacturing and processing industries.

The fiber laser cutting machine can complete the processing of various complex structures than other CNC machines. As long as any image can be drawn on the computer, the machine can complete the processing without opening the mold, and can generate the product immediately. That is, you can quickly develop new products to save costs. Whether the processing requirements are complex, the fiber laser cutting machine can do.

The Metal fiber laser cutting machine parameters:

The stainless steel fiber laser cutter are sold well for 8 reasons

  1. High cutting accuracy: Small the focus is small, the cutting head is finer, the working efficiency is high, and the processing quality is better.
  2. Extremely high cutting speed: equipped with high power supply, high cutting speed
  3. Extreme stability: Using the world’s top import fiber laser, stable performance, the life of key components can reach 100,000 hours.
  4. High-electro-optical conversion efficiency: The photoelectric conversion efficiency of the fiber laser cutting machine is about 25% -30%, which is three times the energy saving environmental effect of ordinary CO2 laser cutting machine.
  5. Low energy consumption: The energy consumption of the entire machine is only 20-30% of the ordinary CO2 laser cutting machine.
  6. Low maintenance costs: no laser working natural gas; fiber transmission, no reflective lens; save a large amount of maintenance costs.
  7. Convenient product operation and maintenance: fiber transmission, no damage material, clean and environmental protection.
  8. Extra-flexible light guiding effect: small size, compact structure, easy to flexible processing requirements.

Seventh Best CNC router machine recommended : Plasma cutting machine

This plasma cutting machine can cut a variety of metal materials, including non-ferrous metals such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, titanium, nickel, and the like. Those metals that cannot be cut with oxygen, plasma cutting techniques can be realized.The main advantage is that when the thickness of the cutting material is small, the cutting speed of the plasma machine is fast, especially when cutting the ordinary carbon steel sheet, its cutting speed can reach 5-6 times the oxygen cutting method, and the cutting surface is smooth, and the thermal deformation is very Small, there is almost no material loss. It is widely used in automotive, locomotives, pressure vessels, chemical, nuclear industry, general machinery, construction machinery, steel structures, etc.

Parameters of this plasma cutting machine

9 reasons why plasma cutter sells well

  1. The framework is fully welded, powerful, simple, and durable.
  2. Fast cutting speed and high precision. Small cutting port, neat, no dregs. Based on the traditional CNC system, the cutting control method is improved to avoid secondary trim.
  3. Suitable for low-carbon steel sheets, copper plates, iron plates, aluminum plates, galvanized sheets, titanium plates and other metal plates.
  4. The CNC system is high. Automatic arc start, stable performance, and arc speed reaches 99%.
  5. Support for the standard G code path file generated by Penai, Beihang Haier, Artcam, Type3. The control system uses a U disk exchange processing file, which is convenient and easy.
  6. Small size, light weight, low noise, low power consumption, convenient carrying.
  7. The slit is narrow and smooth, the size error is small, effectively improves the problem of waste materials.
  8. Invert and convenient feeding, no special supporting equipment.

The eighth optimal CNC router machine recommended: 4 process CNC router for cabinet make

This is a 4 process CNC engraving machine, and this multi-process engraving machine is also called a simple ATC CNC router. This type of engraving machine can handle multiple processes on a engraving machine. In addition, these different processes cannot be carried out simultaneously. The engraving machine can realize the automatic tooling function according to different machining requirements issued by the control system. Without manual intervention, there is no need to find the origin again, the engraving machine can automatically complete various processing requirements.

The CNC engraving machine can complete the production of various processes at a time, instead of multiple traditional machine functions, which greatly increases production efficiency. However, this type of engraving machine also has its limitations. It is limited to the number of tools, usually only 4 different tools, so it is more suitable for customers who need to replace less than 4 tools. In addition, this type of multi-process engraving machine has the advantages of low cost, high production efficiency and various processing methods than the ATC CNC engraving machine. These methods are welcomed by domestic and foreign users. And widely used in furniture, customized furniture and antique furniture industries. This multi-head-controlled engraving machine is also suitable for processing cabinet doors, embossed screens, craft windows, relief craft gifts, solid wood murals, woodworking calligraphy engraving, art photo frames, sports equipment, etc.

The parameter of this 4 processing cabinet CNC router

5 reasons for 4 process CNC router sell well

  1. Multi-function machine, economic balance. When the product is relatively large, the plurality of spindles can be handled simultaneously to complete the processing requirements of multiple machines at once. When the production amount is small, a single spindle can work independently and can effectively control the production cost.
  2. High production efficiency, high cost, good processing quality. Especially when batching products, the product has good consistency and high quality, which greatly reduces the purchase cost of production equipment.
  3. Longer service life. Multi-engraving body adopts whole steel structure design. After welding and tempering, the body of the machine has the characteristics of strong rigidity, high strength, and rotation, ensuring deformation and shaking of machines under long-term high-speed operation.
  4. Human design.  The unique intelligent budget rules make the motor make full achieve its high speed potential, bending and linear synchronization processing more perfect, and have worry-free operation for a long time. In addition, it has functions such as power off, breakpoint re-engraving, and processing time prediction to achieve real humanized design.
  5. Good software compatibility. With the open software interface, it can be compatible with the processing code generated by various CAD / CAM design software, such as Type3 / Art Cam / Cast Mate / Genai to ensure various design functions.

The ninth best CNC router machine recommended: the most popular rotary spindle CNC router

The rotary spindle CNC router is also referred to as a 4 axis CNC router. It mainly processes cubes or cylindrical works. During the processing of the rotary spindle engraving machine, there is no need to manually rotate and process the workpiece, which reduces the quantity of the clamp and completes the processing. Rotary spindle engraving machines can reduce manual workload and improve production efficiency than ordinary CNC wood engraving machines. In addition, since the tool of the rotary spindle can be laminated, higher processing quality can be ensured. In addition, the rotary spindle can also realize the processing requirements of local processing, and is not limited by the size of the object.

Parameter of this rotary spindle ATC CNC router

5 reasons why rotary spindle CNC router machine are popular

  1. Rotary spindleCNC routers can cause the spindle to always face the surface of the tool at the most appropriate angle, thereby reducing the force on the tool side, the processing stability increases, and the processing accuracy is improved.
  2. Rotary spindleengraving machine does not need to repeat the rotating workpiece, reduce clamping time and manual participation, and complete the tool path to ensure higher machining accuracy and efficiency.
  3. The rotary spindle CNC machine can be processed multiple times in the layer, reduce the number of finishing operations, and improve processing quality and processing efficiency accordingly.
  4. The 4axis engraving machine uses the entire way of the rotary spindleto automatically generate a closed rotation engraving process. It is not affected by the accuracy of the jig, especially for irregular workpieces, compared with other processing methods, the rotating shaft engraving machine has higher machining accuracy.
  5. This 4axis CNC machine can achieve the local processing of the workpiece by setting the angle range and length range of the tool.

Tenth Best CNC router machine recommended: furniture CNC machine with auto feeding table

This furniture CNC machine is a digital control device designed for panel furniture production. It is mainly used to cut wooden MDF panels. In terms of processing functions, the furniture CNC machine mainly includes cutting, stamping, grooves, and other processes. Generally, by designing smart software, furniture CNC machine can automatically optimize the typesetting design, generate renderings, and intuitively perform modified operations, and automatically generate various paths. Therefore, it can save paper and increase paper utilization.

Furniture CNC machine are widely used in furniture industry, such as cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, solid wood doors, free paint doors, solid wood composite doors and suites. If you are a manufacturer of a furniture line, furniture CNC machine is definitely one of your indispensable CNC devices.

6 reasons why furniture CNC machine sells well

  1. The shaping utilization increased by 40%. The furnitureCNC machine uses a milling cutter to cut the material, which can be rotated to cut a special shape workpiece and increase the utilization of the plate.
  2. Save labor costs. One person does not even need manual, you can run a variety of nested CNC machines, which greatly saves the cost of employers and improves production efficiency.
  3. Labor strength. FurnitureCNC machinecan be equipped with automatic loading and unloading table, making the operation easier easier.
  4. High safety factor. If you don’t pay attention to the table saw when using the table saw, it is easy to hurt your handshake and lead to unnecessary accidental injuries. The security coefficient of the opener is high, which basically does not cause personal injury.
  5. Good dust removal effect. Furniture CNC machine use a double-cylinder vacuum cleaner, dust removal effect is 3 times higher than the ordinary machine.
  6. High productivity. FurnitureCNC machine use full-automatic feeding device, and the open workload is 1.5 times the ordinary manual opening. In addition, manual labor can be used during machine processing, which greatly reduces labor intensity and increases production efficiency.

The best CNC router machine for woodworking is also welcomed at home and abroad. In summary, customers favor the best CNC machines have the following common features.

First, high practicality. In other words, the wood CNC router machine can truly meet the different processing needs of the user, realize the ideal processing effect of customers.

Second, economic benefits. In other words, a series of purchase costs, maintenance costs, and the cost of the machine itself are within the user’s acceptance range.

Third, the operation is simple. In other words, after receiving the machine, the user can independently complete the installation and use of the machine without special training.

Fourth, perfect after-sales service. After purchasing CNC router machine, customers can enjoy a series of after-sales services provided by machine manufacturers, including installation, operation, maintenance, and maintenance tips for CNC machines.

Fifth, the service life of the machine is long. This means that the CNC router tools and some wearing parts are produced by ordinary large brand manufacturers, effectively ensuring that the machine has a longer service life.

Sixth, the processing materials are diverse. Whether it is a metal material such as carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized plate, or acrylic, wood, plastic, glass, rubber such as non-metallic materials, which can achieve their processing.

Seventh, various applications. It can be widely used in the kitchenware industry, furniture industry, fitness industry, handicraft, packaging industry, clothing industry, mold industry, decorative industry and other large industries.

As a professional CNC mechanism manufacturer, IGOLDENCNC is favored by hundreds of users at home and abroad. Whether you are interested in the best CNC router machine or other CNC machines, please contact us, let us know your needs.

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